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This article will prepare you for an event of a lifetime as Pokemon Deoxys Normal Go arrives this month. Learn the ways of capturing this mythic creature.  

The Pokemon Deoxys mission allows fans to catch an extremely rare creature. The phrase: gotta catch them all just became more enthralling and exciting with a whole host of special events. Fans from Canada, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India are all participating in the search for Deoxys. They will show up in your game in four different forms at different stages of their development. It will be up to you to plan a battle of a lifetime to capture this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

This article will provide key details about the Pokemon Deoxys Normal Go event, attack strategy, etc.

About Pokemon Deoxys 

These types of Pokemon tend to be of the class of mythical creatures with strong psychic abilities. Deoxys introduced them in the 3rd generation of expansions done in 2002 and gained significant popularity. Deoxys has different challenges and requires a unique tactic to capture them. Let’s learn about what each form looks like-

  • Attack Forms- They have a glass cannon attacking method and can immediately destroy their enemies.
  • Normal Forms- As a collector, they are the most attractive in Pokemon Deoxys Normal Go missions because of their recognizability.
  • Defense Forms-  has a good amount of health, allowing them to survive major hits but lack major attack strength.
  • Speed Forms-  provides you with a good balance of attack and defense while moving faster than the opponents.

How to win against Deoxys?

They are one of the hardest to win because of their high-level status in the Pokemon hierarchy. However, by applying certain key moves and exploiting their weakness, you can gain an edge over them. Employ attacks such as Zen Headbutt, Hyper Beam, Zap Cannon, and Thunderbolt in different combinations to gain an edge over Deoxys.  

Availability of the Pokemon Deoxys Normal Go

You will get an opportunity to capture the most exclusive normal form of Deoxys from 

Feb. 16 to Feb. 19. The raid hours will be from 6-7 pm, in the local time of your country, where you’ll get to take a shot at capturing Normal Deoxys. 

The normal form tends to be particularly weak against bug, dark, and ghost types of Pokemon which are resistant to psychic attacks.

The other forms of Deoxys will be available as per the following dates-

Feb. 19 – Feb. 22(Attack Form of Pokemon Deoxys Normal Go)

Feb. 22 – Feb. 25(Defense Form)

Feb. 25 – Mar. 1(Speed Form)


You have now learned about the key details and information to be aware of when participating in this event. It is important to be extremely strategic when fighting against a Pokemon of this class and use the right type of Pokemon. Your group should be designed for both strong defense and attack strategies. Go through the history of Deoxys for more technical analysis. (

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