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Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 (Jan) Updates!

If you are looking out for the details of Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022, scroll down this article to get the relevant details.

Are you a Pokemon Fan? Are you also looking out for their Spotlight Hour Schedule? Which all Pokemon will be part of this spotlight hour?

Pokemon is always a hype in the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other parts of the world. Spotlight Hours are, therefore, the new and engaging feature for this platform, with players often searching for the same.

Scroll down to the headers mentioned in this article below to get the details for Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022, revealing all the other related facts.

What is a Spotlight Hour?

The Pokemon Spotlight Hour refers to a weekly event organized by the platform highlighting one special surprise for the players, surprise Pokemon, and an additional bonus effect.

Earlier, this bonus will therefore be only found at the mystery bonus hours but is later merged with the mini-event named spotlight hour that began in April 2020. Soon after its launch, the event is at a hype, increasing the players’ engagement rate.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022:

After revealing the general facts and details for Spotlight hours, this article will help you get the information for this mini-event in 2022, revealing its schedule and other facts.

Spotlight hours for January 2022 have been announced, creating hype over the internet. Therefore, January seems to be a busy month for the platform, with so many events and happenings lined up, allowing players to open that mysterious door finally. There will be four spotlight hours adorned with a bonus active this month.

Details about all the Spotlight Hours:

  • First Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022The first spotlight hour will be occurring on 4th January, including the psychic type of Pokemon. This evolves a bulky attacker with a strong stamina stat and a Reuniclus. Solosis won’t be part of this hour, and the bonus for the same will be the double transfer candy. 
  • Second Spotlight Hour: Second Spotlight will be on 11th January, featuring Diglett- a veteran from Kanto. Therefore, this Pokemon will have the chance to be shiny, and the declared bonus for that is double catch stardust. 
  • Third Spotlight Hour: This will take place on 18th January featuring a Pokemon that closely looks like Pikachu, named Plusle. This Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022 will have an electric type Pokemon belonging to the Hoenn region. Double Catch Candy is the bonus for this event. 
  • Final Spotlight Hour: This is scheduled for 25th January, featuring Minun from the Hoenn region. He is also known as the Plus’s buddy and is always linked together, boosting their abilities and attacks. 

Final Verdict:

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is always trending over the internet, as players do not want to miss the opportunity. Revealing all the details for 2022 spotlight hours, four events will be scheduled for the same in January. Pokemon Go Live Website will help you with detailed updates.

Are you, too, looking out for Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour January 2022? Please share your comments for the same in the section below.

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