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Pokemon Go fans are all over the world. Players wait for the new updates of Pokemon Go to unlock the new Pokemon. Each time Pokemon Go comes up with new Pokemons, its fans get curious to know many things about it. People Worldwide might have heard of the new Pokemon Heliolisk.

In this article, we will discuss the new Pokemon Heliolisk Go. Keep scrolling to know about a lot of facts about Heliolisk.

Brief about Heliolisk

Heliolisk is a type of Pokemon which moves bipedally. It has a black head with a yellow-coloured lower jaw. It looks like a yellow lizard. There are yellow spikes and black frills around his neck. It generates electricity by opening its frill. It can generate enough electricity to power a whole city. 

Heliolisk uses this electricity to boost its power, strengthen its legs and stimulate muscles. His indomitable legs help him cover a hundred yards sprint in 5 seconds. Heliolisk evolved from Helioptile. There are two Pokemon members in the family of Helioptile.

How to defend Heliolisk?

Although Heliolisk  is a very strong Pokemon, it is vulnerable to ground and fighting moves

 Some Pokemons can defend Pokemon Heliolisk Go with their moves. These are listed below:-

  • Brebloom Pokemon: Its quick move is Counter; the main move is dynamic Punch and effective damage of 91%.
  • Lucatio Pokemon: its quick move is Counter. The main move is Aura Sphere, and has 100% effective damage.
  • Urshifu(strike single),(strike Rapid): Their quick move is Counter. The main move is dynamic Punch and effective damage of 97%.
  • Landorus Pokemon: This Therian landorus has a mud shot quick move. Its main move is an earthquake and has 93% effective damage.
  • Landorus:. Its main move is an earthquake and has 93% effective damage. It has a Quick move as a mud shot.

Pokemon Heliolisk Go

Pokemon Go’s new Pokemons seems very powerful as it has solar power, dry skin and hidden abilities. It’s height is .3’03”, 1.0 m and Weight is 46.3 lbs, 21.0 kg. Its best move is a quick attack and thunderbolt to attack in gym Pokemons. The quick attack has 12bps, and the thunderbolt has 38.4dps as its offence.

 Heliolisk is resistant to Ghost, steel, flying and electricity. It takes 50 candies to evolve from Helioptile to Heliolisk. Its quick move is mud slap, quick attack and volt switch. Its main move is Quick moves are Thunderbolt, Grass Knot, Parabolic charge, and Bulldoze. These are the few moves of Pokemon Heliolisk Go.


 We discussed all the moves, powers, defence of Heliolisk Pokemon. Players have got a slight idea of defending this new Pokemon. There is a shiny version of Heliolisk also. We will be updating you with all the Pokemon Go updates. To know more about Heliolisk, you can go through the given link

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