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Polaire AC Scam {July} A Scam or Legit Site

Polaire AC Scam 2020

Polaire AC Scam {July} A Scam or Legit Site >> This post will provide details on a mini AC, which is user-friendly and energy-efficient.

Are you familiar with the popularity of portable AC? If so, this article will be beneficial for you. In this post, we will discuss one such portable AC which can be easily fitted in a lesser space room. But before that, we will help you finding Is Polaire AC Scam or legit. 

During a scorching summer season, we keep on searching for air conditioners with maximum benefit. So, this post will assist you in knowing whether Polaire AC is worth buying or not. 

Also, it has been found that a lot of customers, especially in the United States, wanted to know about the legitimacy of the website selling this product. So in other content, we will discuss if this website and the product it is selling are authentic or not. 

You must go through our detailed research and find out every essential detail about the website. 

Is Polaire AC Scam or Legit? 

If you consider looking inside the website properly, you will find a lot of loopholes. However, anyone can get the track into this website because of its attractive layout and testimonials. 

According to the customer reviews inside the website, everything is okay. The customers have stated that the product is highly useful. Also, the customers have mentioned that they are happy with the product. 

Nevertheless, this website cannot be trusted entirely only based on customer reviews given on the website itself. Because when you search for website reviews on other platforms, you will come to know that the site is not legit. 

A lot of customers have claimed that Polaire AC Scam and even the company belong to China, and this product is also Chinese. Therefore you are not advised to purchase anything from this website. 

What is is a recently launched eCommerce website that claims to sell ultra-silent, mini AC. This portable AC is easy to use and can be placed anywhere in the room because of its miniature size. 

The website also claims that this product is built in such a way that it will help you cut your energy bills. So, if you are impressed with the designing and functioning of this product, let’s help you make the right buying decision.

Well, though the website has provided proper information about the product, it fails to mention some essential details. You will not find any contact information and company address on the site. 

So, before you finally decide to buy anything from this website, it is essential to look into its specifications, customer reviews and other details. 

Let’s check out some essential information about the website and its product.


  • Website type: Polaire AC
  • URL:
  • Phone number: not mentioned
  • Office location: not mentioned
  • Shipping details: apart from 50% off on the product, shipping is free
  • Mode of payment: PayPal, and Credit card

What benefits do you receive from

  • The product is Freon free. 
  • The product will help you save your electricity consumption.
  • The facility of free shipping is available.
  • You will find attractive discount offers on the website if you buy merchandise in more quantities.
  • Delivery option is available worldwide.

What are the disadvantages of buying from

  • You will not find any contact detail on the website.
  • The owner information and office address is missing.
  • The site is not working on proper norms.
  • The site does not have more pages apart from the landing page.  
  • There are many negative reviews of the product and website given on different platforms
  • The website is not popular on social media platforms 

What are customers saying about Polaire AC? 

According to most of the customers on the website’s testimonial section, the product is highly commendable. However, according to our detailed research on this website, the testimonials are fake. 

This newly registered website has a lot of negative comments on other platforms. Many people have complained that the product is useless and not worth buying. 

Final Verdict

To conclude our reviews on Polaire AC Scam, it is very clear from all customer reviews and other information available on the website that this site is a scam. 

You should not purchase anything from this website that claims to be of the United States, but its operations are seen in China. Missing contact information and owner details, confirm that there is something not right about the website. 

You can share your experience with us writing in the comment section below. 

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  1. I have not been able to contact the website, and double charged on my order of 3 units. I am a pensioner, and just signed away my supplement payment. I cannot stop on my credit card even though transaction is ‘Pending’, very upset with the whole endeavor.

    1. Sorry for inconvenience sir… we happily want to solve your issue, but you have to visit right webpage……. See this site and check the price policy here…thank you…

  2. The unit demonstrated in the video advertisement for Polaire simply cannot work as shown, it would violate the laws of physics.

    Heat simply can’t be destroyed. It must go somewhere. Which is why all air conditioners and refrigerators can be called heat pumps.

    Because they do work/use energy by moving heat from a cold end and dump that heat into hot end, which just much be hotter than ambient, else it works by taking away heat in using material which must be removed and replenished. Say by putting ice in and having water come out.

    But, by the same laws of thermodynamics, nothing can be 100%, at least some of the energy will always be lost. The losses also have to be dissipated as heat, and that heat has to also go somewhere, usually also dumped into the hot end. If not effectively you will have two hot ends. Both as least as hot as ambient.

    So if the heat from the hot end doesn’t go anywhere, say dumped outside, the heat, including the heat you are trying to remove and your losses due to inefficiency, won’t go anywhere, and so the hot is mixed back with the cold.

    So overall the heat and therefore temperature will be _more_ not less, and all you will have done is waste energy to make everything hotter. Congratulations your air conditioner is acting as a heater and the room is hotter not colder.

    1. Sorry for your inconvenience and this is misleading with you… now we are suggesting kindly go through the official website to know more detail or your product or dial the customer care number…

  3. Considering the very bad spelling on their YouTube ad, it probably is a scam. No serious company would let that get past!

    1. Extremely sorry for your bad experience and we suggest you take help from customer service if you are in scam trap… thank you…

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