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Popumart Reviews [April] – You Must Read and Then Order!

Popumart Reviews

Popumart Reviews [April] – You Must Read and Then Order! >> Check this review post to have a good understanding about this ecommerce website; read customer feedback about its services, available products and expert opinion. Read before making any order here!

Are you a big fan of the coolest products? Didn’t find it anywhere? Want to get those at your doorstep? Then, you are in the right place as we are going to share a shopping destination where you will find the products that are new and meet the demands. 

The site is named “” which is a new addition to the online e-commerce stores. They provide a wide range of products that fulfill the expectations of the customers and available at a very affordable price across all the corners of the world, including the United States

We will shortly explore this site to protect the interest of the online buyers and provide them some valuable information that every customer needs to know before cracking a deal on any new shopping platform. 

Let us begin with the popumart reviews

What is 

As we have hinted earlier, popumart is another platform for online buyers to get the products at the doorstep at a reasonable price. All their products are innovative and new and fulfill the needs of the customers. 

It has all ranges of coolest products and gives a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee that all such products are unique and up to expectation. They are always using the updated technology to stay ahead of the curve and beat their competitors.

What products does it include?

Seeing as the site has an ample range of products, so we can easily get the information about the products as categorized on the site. Here, we have enlisted all the products which are provided by the site to their customers. Let us have a look at these below.

What about the return policy of 

The site has a very clear and improved return policy in case of any returning the products. It takes around fifteen days to return products to the site. The products only get returned if these are undamaged, unused, and also in a proper condition as it is received. 

You need to follow some steps as given below: 

  • Email the customer representative at to get authorization on returns. 
  • Then, you will get instructions from the customer executives about the exchange or return procedure of the product.
  • The refund will be received within a week or two when the product package is received by the site. It may also take more days if the payment mode is the credit card.     

What are the positive points of purchasing products from

When we get all the desired and required products at our doorstep, then it deserves a huge round of applause. Thus, we are going to share some of the positive points to purchase products from as the site is loaded with products. 

Let us have a look at these plus points of buying products from there. 

  • The affordability rate is high. 
  • Time-saving
  • Easy to access. 
  • Variety of products
  • Innovative products. 
  • Convenient.
  • Biggest perks. 
  • No pressure and crowds. 

What are the negative remarks about this website? 

The site has all the products as required by the customers, and they offer innovative items, as well as the prices, which are also pocket-friendly. But this is not enough to get the best out of any shopping platform; the site should give positive signs as similar to that of other sites.

We get to know about some of the negative aspects of this site that is not a decent sign to encourage customers to continue with the shopping. 

The domain of this site is very new, as created on 23rd March 2020, and it is a sign of fraud.

Moreover, the site has no external links available for gaining fame and popularity as well as targets some potential customers to make a purchase. 

Beware!! Before purchasing any product from any online shopping store, make sure it is genuine, and you will get the same what you paid for.

What do we conclude after Popumart reviews? 

After exploring the site deeply and get all the desired information, it is concluded that the site is new and there is no such popularity of this platform among customers. However, it provides a wide range of products to their buyers and wants to get trust.

All in all, still if you have any doubts related to the products or the site, then get in touch with us and get some valuable advice on the same. 

Go ahead and grab the deals. Do not forget to give feedback.   

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  1. Purchased a face mask on 4/7 said they would gmail me when order shipped. They advertised fast shipping but I have not received any gmail yet and I’m starting to wonder if I’ve been had. They want you to sign up for PayPal so I thought it might be legit. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    1. I placed order on the 8th of April and still no shipping info and my items were in stock . I received one reply from an email I sent on my status saying it’s being packaged for shipping and I should get my shipping confirmation in a day or so. That was 6 days ago and still nothing. I’ve emailed twice again with no replies to date.

    2. Did you ever get it? I ordered mine in 4/2. I think I’ve gotten scammed. When I look up the tracking number it says that it has been on its way to usps for almost a week!!! It says it’s in chino California. I’m in San Jose. How fucking long does it take?? I have emailed them and asked for a refund. They don’t respond. Now, when I try to email, it bounces back as being no good. I think this place is a rip off!!!

    3. I order about same time you thought i got ripped off but got email today it on it here by saturday.i dont think it was a scam just that they got really overwhelmed with way to many orders.hang in there it might come.

      1. This place flat out sucks. I ordered 3 masks seven weeks ago then got the run around for over a month saying it’s coming.. They’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear and that’s about it. How long to put an item in a box and throw a label on it? Apparently quite a long time. Frauds! I should have been more vigilant, they’ve taught me valuable lesson.

    1. This is not a legitimate site. You place order then there is no link to contact them. Site cannot be reached. This is a scam site. Ordered my masks on April 11.

  2. yea, its not a legit website, they’re looking for credit card info, and possibly take your money

    fishing around the website, its pretty obvious to tell the credit card information at the bottom right isnt remotely close to authentic.

    Do any of those Vouchers know about this website; considering the largest online ordering juggernaut Amazon pretty much owns at least 65% of that space


    And the cherry on top is this Local Carrier popumart mentions in their shipping and delivery section- no sources of who that exactly is but shh shhhhhhhh its okay, you’re delivery is gonna make it

    1. After 4 weeks gettin order saturday.blew my minds when i got email today sayin in on way.really thought i got ripped off.

    1. Hello this company is a scam.Try to get on the website a message keeps popping up.If you get a email from them try to respond email does not exist.

  3. I ordered a mask and was told that they are so busy that They where waiting for additional inventory, sound like a lot of bull.
    It’s been over a week. They either don’t have smarts or it’s a scam

    1. They were not expecting all the orders they got.ill prepared.not busniess minded.but after 4 weeks my order comes saturday.

  4. They don’t sound reputable…. really don’t know who is these days … I wouldn’t order sh… from themi

  5. 100% Scam ordered face coverings and never received. Also, never got any responses back from emails. They are DBA many other names also. Everyone do research during these times, order from Amazon!!!!

  6. I ordered 3 face masks in April I received a confirmation. 2 weeks later I get a text message that my shipment had arrived and I didn’t receive anything. I’ve been trying to call them takes me straight to voicemail. I try emailing them and it’s not a valid email.

  7. Website off line, no returned messages, unable to contact, and the first thing on my credit card after I did business with them was a fraudulent charity charge on my card.

  8. Dear Sir or Madame, I placed my order for a face mask several weeks ago. What is the status of my order!

  9. My boyfriend and I spent $40 on masks over 2 weeks ago and were told the same thing that they were busy and waiting on more stock but would b notified as soon as ours shipped out and now it won’t even let us email the web address anymore or anything but they sure took our money. This sites a scam people they don’t answer and it’s been weeks they r not waiting on shipments they r just b.s!

  10. On 4/13/20 I ordered close to $90.00 worth of merchandise and have exchanged emails with PopuMart. They followed my instructions and I received an email that my order was processed and was given a tracking #. Now, today 4/20/20 my emails to service@PopuMart bounce back as undeliverable. I did get a professional response from 2 workers Elin and Lisa. I am an optimist at heart and will give them a minute to catch their online retail response breath. I will closely monitor this situation and report back. Hopefully, things will work out.

  11. SCAM!!!!!!!!!
    Waiting two weeks now for items ordered. And their customer service email does not work…go figure.

  12. Scam!
    Paid for a 100 bucks worth of merchandise back on march 17th…. No merch and no way to get in contact with supplier

  13. No order received however they billed my CC account.. 0rdered from Popumart but shoes shipped from FabFashion LTD.
    Definitely scam site. China scam …

  14. I too have apparently been had by this company.

    The charge on my credit card says: ” FABFASHION LTD WANCHAI HONGKONG”

    The Better Business Bureau says :
    Popumart does not list an address nor phone number on its website, It is not listed as a registered corporation in Wisconsin according to the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions (
    Please also note that is a newly created website. According to its URL information, this website was created on 3/23/20 and the registrant is private.
    The BBB urges extreme caution when dealing with a company whose existence cannot be verified.”

    Before the website went down the contact information for popumart said:
    “CONTACT US – PopuMart
    How To Contact Us? If you have any question, You can contact us by email. Our customer service email is Phone: 818-796-4056 Address: 387 park ave s , 5th Fl, New YORK NY 10016″

    The phone goes directly to voicemail and says, “Leave a message after the beep.” It beeps and you can leave a message.

    Here’s what Wikipedia says for Area Code 818:
    “Area codes 818 and 747 are California area codes that primarily cover the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. Area code 818 was created in a split from area code 213 on January 7, 1984. On June 14, 1997, area code 818 was split to form area code 626 for most of the San Gabriel Valley. On May 18, 2009, area code 747 went into service as an overlay.”

    When you try to launch it says:
    “This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.
    Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

    The whois on says:
    “ Updated 1 day ago
    Domain Information
    Registrar:NameCheap, Inc.
    Registered On:2020-03-23
    Expires On:2021-03-23
    Updated On:2020-04-18
    Name Servers:dns1.registrar-servers.comemail”

    To sum up, all evidence says the site is a scam. They are not part of the BBB. Their website is down apparently because they have not paid NameCheap for the DNS to register their domain name. They no longer respond to emails. They do not answer their phone. The area code of the phone number is in CA. Although their mailing address says they are in NY their credit card info says they are in China.

    Recommend you contact your credit card company to dispute the charge as fraudulent. (I cannot get through the never ending hold at Citibank to file a dispute.) Keep and print any emails, screenshots, whatever you might have related to this. You might need them for your dispute. Do not pay the charge. Pay off everything but the charge from Your CC company will waive the charge once your dispute is finalized. They should also waive any interest on that amount.
    Good luck to everyone. Be safe and well.

  15. Unfortunately, this was rather predictable. I ordered on 4/6 and as of today, no response (items or e-mail). Web address is non-existent and e-mail communication link does not work. I’ve already contacted my credit card company and they have graciously refunded my money. I should have known better given that there was no specific shipping guarantee listed (except to say “fast shipping”). If this is a scam, I hope it catches-up with them. You know what they say about Karma, right?

  16. I ordered 2 masks on 4/10 & 4/11 and have not received any shipping info. When I purchased, they said I would have them but 4/17, its the 24th now and no masks. Is this bogus and I should call my cc company and deny these charges? I cant get their website to pull up anymore either so there is no communication?

  17. I placed my order of 2 masks on April 8, paid it, said it should be at my doorstep in 7-8 working days, they don’t work on weekends (yeah because their employees work so hard during the week what employees what business) they even went as far as giving me a tracking number with the US PS, Now I checked my order last week and they said it was in Chino there is no tracking number there is no product there is no business this place is a scam do not order from this place it’s nothing it’s a scam

  18. Total scam. I received my two neck gators today and discovered they were nothing more than two hand sewn cloths with rough edges and all. I think the shipping was 10 times the actual cost of the value of my original order. My bad for not checking them out. Don’t waste your time or money.

  19. – what a rip-off! After waiting for 6 weeks they finally delivered the 2 face masks. So they are not a scam, but definitely a rip-off. They sent 2 cheesy rags with no finished seams, that because of no stitched seams they rip, and basically are a single use item. For $20.00 each ! Don’t make my mistake – stick with American companies with a physical adress, phone number(s) and e-mail. Stay smart, stay safe.

  20. Popumart knows all the angles on how to play PayPal rules out to the last second. Ordered two lousy “in stock” face masks in early April with no confirmation of an order except that money was removed from my PayPal account. After the site disappeared for days shortly after ordering and contacting PayPal about it, the site came back up with the “in stock” or “back order” status of individual items removed. Then following all the procedures for PayPal, and PayPal letting them run out the clock at every milestone, I finally got my order the last week in May. Because of the non-glowing reviews on line that I should have looked into first, I decided to go as far as videoing the opening of the package just to prove it if I didn’t receive my full order. To my surprise I did get both items. Like the previous reviews, I was underwhelmed! Trust me, go buy a cheap pair of yoga pants with a pattern of your choice, cut out tubes from the legs, and pull it over your face. You’ll save money, frustration, and time!

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