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Porsche and Audi Set to Join F1

Porsche and Audi Set to Join F1: The FIA Formula One World Championship is the pinnacle of motorsport, an event which has garnered a significant global following in its 72-year history. Throughout its history, the F1 has seen various teams built from manufacturers, investors, engineers and star drivers. In recent years, manufacturers had taken a back seat in terms of team representation, but have since begun to return to the fore, with the likes of Renault, Honda and Aston Martin returning to the championship.

Porsche and Audi Joining from 2026

The trend of manufacturers returning to the F1 shows no signs of letting up either, as Audi and Porsche line up to join to roster later in the decade. The announcement was made by their parent company, Volkswagen Group, and will have wide-reaching implications for both the manufacturers and for future F1 seasons. Moves to ingratiate the manufacturers are currently underway, with the brands touted to join in time for the 2026 Championship season.

How They Will Join

The manufacturers are not slated to start as their own teams, however. Rather, the two brands are taking part in separate mergers with existing F1 teams in order to provide engineering assistance. Porsche has reached an agreement to merge with the Red Bull team – whose lead driver Max Verstappen won the Driver’s Championship in 2021 – with a view to supplying them with a proprietary powertrain from 2026. 

Likewise, Audi is reportedly exploring avenues to merge with the McLaren team, though reports have not been confirmed by either party. Should the McLaren, deal fall through, though, Audi have back-up options in the form of Williams or even Aston Martin.

Automotive Industry Juggernauts

Porsche and Audi as car manufacturers need no introduction. Porsche is one of the defining makers when it comes to supercars, having built a reputation for sleek, iconic sports car designs that are also feats of engineering in their own right. Meanwhile, Audi has generated significant cultural capital as a manufacturer of reliable vehicles for all price points, with hatchbacks and saloons that each ooze executive appeal.

What Do the Brands Stand to Gain?

Being household names, their entry into the world of the F1 World Championship is sure to be warmly welcomed by motor enthusiasts around the world. But what exactly do they stand to gain from their imminent involvement?

Audi’s potential merger with McLaren is sure to raise its brand profile, especially if it develops viable and competitive engines. The result could not only see an increased appetite for Audi vehicles, but also drive development of more sustainable hybrid engine technologies – in turn, driving demand for new lease vehicles in the UK and worldwide.

The same can be said for Porsche, though they stand to benefit more actively from streamlined development of new technology – enabling them to produce better sports cars, and essentially turn a profit from their F1 involvement.

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