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Posterdle Wordle {May} Play An Interesting Version!

The article gives you brief details on Posterdle Wordle. Visit the full post to know everything about Posterdle.

Did you hear about Posterdle? Do you know what posterdle is? Many of you might have guessed by the name that posterdle is a Wordle inspired game. If you guessed it as a game, then you are correct. Wordle has become the most popular online game Worldwide. Several versions of Wordle are launched but with different twists. Posterdle is one of them.

Let’s know about the Posterdle Wordle.

What is Posterdle?

Posterdle is an online game in which players have to guess the name of a film by looking at a blurry poster. The game gives you twenty seconds to stop and submit your answer. Players who have played Wordle and other Wordle related games will find it easy to play posterdle. After the increasing popularity of Wordle, many games like Absurdle, Heardle, nerdle etc. The answer for today’s posterdle is “PULP FICTION”.

Posterdle, as the name suggests, is a guessing game that includes a poster. The poster is blurry at the beginning and clears with the reducing seconds. You can stop the seconds when you guessed the answer and type it in the given box.

Posterdle Game– How to play?

Posterdle has garnered millions of fans now. There are many games like Wordle, but they are based on different motives. The gameplay posterdle is simple. Like Wordle, posterdle can also be played once a day. Players will be given six attempts and twenty seconds to guess the film’s name.

  • Click on the start button, and the backward countdown will start.
  • As the seconds start, the poster becomes less blurry.
  • Click on a guess to stop the countdown. Type your guessed film. You can click on “I don’t know”.
  • If your answer is incorrect or you clicked on it, “I don’t know”. The countdown will resume.

Posterdle Wordle can be played one time in a day. You can share your score with friends on social media.

Today’s posterdle answer

Posterdle is a Wordle inspired game that allows players to guess the film. The gameplay of the film is easy. You can play the game on its official website. Do you know today’s answer? Let’s take a glimpse of clues of posterdle on 23 May 2022.

  1. The film was released in October 1994.
  2. The film features popular actors like John Travolta and Harvey Keitel.
  3. The name of the film includes two words.
  4. There are a total of four vowels in the film name.

Posterdle Wordle answer for today is not that tricky. Did you get the answer? The answer for today’s posterdle is “PULP FICTION”.


The article explains the popular game posterdle. Posterdle is a game based on the poster. You can play posterdle on the official website. Players will be provided with six attempts and twenty seconds. If you love watching films and need a game based on films, you can prefer Posterdle. You can visit this link to know more about Posterdle.

What are your views on Posterdle Wordle? Comment in the comment section.

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