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Pouchec com Reviews [June] Should You Use It?

Pouchec com Reviews [June] Should You Use It?  ->  From this article all the women would have stylish & matching accessories if they will get right information with exclusive price.

Do you love to shop online? From how many online stores have you purchases clothing? You can check out Pouchec.com Reviews and decide whether it is good or not.

We have received many questions from our readers asking the status of this company. The website relatively new, and there are not many Pouchec com Reviews available online. We searched online to find out all of its details for our readers who are looking for an option to buy trendy clothes at a reasonable price.

Larger number e-stores are forming, which claims to offers the latest fashion collection, jewelry, accessories, footwear, and much more. However, women tend to explore more. Companies try to lure customers through multiple ways such as a discount, free shipping, rewards, etc.

Presently, the website caters to the United-State and is planning to launch services in nearby countries soon. So far, it does not have any reviews on the website as people are little afraid to try new sites due to recent scams.

Let us read below to know more what all does it has for us.

What is Pouchec?

Pouchec.com is a new entrant to the online shopping market dealing in fashion and Melesy clothing. Its collection includes dresses, tunics, shirts, tees, etc., which you can wear while going out with friends or during office hours.

All the designs are easy to carry and wearable daily. Moreover, they come with a reasonable price tag. But the question remains how safe is your money if you buy anything from Pouchec? 

Is this website genuine? Or a scam, which are happening these days?

Well, there are several things which we can discuss to find out its answer.

Specification of Pouchec.com:

  • Company Name: Sichuan Wanlin Youshang Electronic Commerce Co. Ltd.
  • Website link: http://pouchec.com/Shipping: 1-3 business days
  • Shipping Fee: Applicable (Free if shopping is over $50)
  • Delivery Time: 5-21 days
  • Return: Applicable (Time frame not available)
  • Cancellation: within 24 hours
  • Exchange: Within seven days of receiving the order
  • Company Address: Group 5, Nanshan Village, Ganlin Tower, Jiajiang County, China.
  • Email: valya.k.1995@inbox.ru
  • Payment Modes: Online Payment Only

Is Pouchec Legit?

The website less than a month old, which means most people do not know about it. While checking its status online, we found out that its address belongs to a village of China. It is not a good sign and other crucial information, such as customer service contact number not available which indicate it is scam not legit. The email address belongs to a person rather than a company, and that is on the free server.

Moreover, the website is not secure via HTTPS; instead, it uses HTTP, which is not secure and all the information you enter is not safe. If we go through its product catalog, only nine products that create a significant doubt in mind, and no information about the payment modes are available on its website.

Pros of buying from Pouchec:

  • Comparatively cheap pricing
  • Free shipping over $50
  • Exchange, Return and cancellation is available
  • The refund option is available

Cons of buying from Pouchec:

  • Less than the one-month-old website
  • Uses third party free server for email
  • The company belongs to China hence, the possibility of counterfeit products
  • Not secure through SSL
  • Only a few items available on the website
  • No information about the payment modes
  • No cash on delivery option
  • Product images do not look good

What are customers saying about Pouchec?

As the website is very new, no Pouchec com reviews available on the website or anywhere else. We went ahead with our research but unable to find any other information about it. It misses on various parts, which is not a good sign for any genuine company.

Final Words

After considering all the points, we can say that it is a scam. It misses all the essential parts such as the safety and security of customers’ information. No reviews are available on the website or at any other platform. It has very fewer options available to choose from. Though it claims to offer an exchange, return, refund, cancellation, but any of the customers has confirmed nothing.

It is a China-based company, which is trying to sell its products globally, but the website looks incomplete. 

The images are not worthy, and the owner uses a third party free email server, which mostly does not happen in case of a genuine company.

Do let us know in the comment section if you want to share any information with us. 

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  1. Victim of Pouchec.com… Ordered a carseat in June 2020, paid through Paypal and having a difficult time getting ahold of the “seller” despite Paypal having an email and contact: Miao Wu. Now im working with Paypal to get my money back. I absolutely do not recommend this website. Total Scam, 0 stars.

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