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Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews {Nov 2020} & Buy!


Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews {Nov 2020}  & Buy! >> The article will detail about the branded air fryer, for the food lovers to cook low fat food.

Are you looking for a suitable option for low-fat food and if you are from the United States?

Do you want to cook your meals without using fatty products and if you wish to reduce the quantity of fat in your meals? Well, as we have for you, Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews.

It cooks your food without using oil or butter. This makes your food healthy to consume, and also, it is helpful for people who have heart problems.

If you’re wondering how it cooks, think. It’s called an AIR FRYER. So, it should preferably use air. It uses air subjected to high-pressure conditions to steam your food till it is cooked.It uses barely any oil, making your food as healthy as it can be. Its default settings are enough to fulfil the desires of most people, but you can modify them to suit yourself.So people looking to the answer for the question Is Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Legit so stay with us.

What is Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer?

It is an air fryer that cooks your food with minimum use of fatty substances, which indirectly makes you healthier. It is a very viable option for people with heart problems in the United States and other countries.

You have the option to roast, air-fry, or dehydrate your meals, and you don’t need to use fatty substances. This is becoming a recurring theme in this article. There are ten pre-sets for settings, and you can modify them to suit your needs.

It has a 1500W power rating and possesses the ability to warm your meals up to 400F, which is pretty neat. It also comes with a timer so that you can set it and it will shut off after the timer’s up. This allows you to do other stuff while your food’s cooking. You can read Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews to know whether or not this is a viable product for you.


  • It can contain up to 5Q(quarts) of food.
  • Made up of plastic, so don’t chuck it in the microwave. The result will not be pretty.
  • You have control of the temperature of the product.
  • Can heat up to 400OF.
  • Power Rating- 1500W
  • Ten pre-sets chops, pizza, veggies, desserts, shrimp, French fries, steak, chicken, onion rings and pork.
  • It has a dehydrator and also has a neat little light that blinks when your food’s ready. Also, your food doesn’t stick to the inner surface of the fryer.
  • No BPA, PTFE or PFOA whatsoever.
  • It weighs is 5.1kg.
  • Multi-use product. This means that you can use it for six things without having to buy anything else.
  • Initially revealed on 10th September 2019.

Pros of Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer

  • Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews says that it offers a plethora of ways to cook.
  • Uses hot air currents, which are considerably lighter, to cook the food and provide maximum C R I S P.
  • Multi-use product. This means that you can use it for six things without having to buy anything else.
  • Ten pre-sets that help you cook just about anything.
  • Calorie reduction: 70%
  • Extra C R I S P
  • Big handle
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.

Cons of Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer

  • Only server 3-4 human beings.
  • Hence, it is not viable for a massive party of something like that.
  • The non-stick coating comes off pretty quick, leaving the surface uncovered. Food tends to stick to this surface.

Is It Legit or Scam?

Is Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Legit or not is answered well here for the satisfaction of our reader and buyers. The product is marked on the factors of the performance, feedbacks and the deliveries and it stands to the up to the mark with that.

With the checkpoints stated above, we find the product to be useful and legit. Already the product has been evaluated with mixed reactions by the esteemed buyers and received appreciation as well. Still, we would advise our readers to do thorough research for the product on their grounds before buy.

Customer’s Reviews

Our team of researchers performed the research for the verified reviews, by the buyers. The people have presented advantageous remarks. Their Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews have marked the product as significant on usage and easiness.

It is considered one of the best products in the United States.

Some of the buyers are not happy with the functioning of the Air fryer. So in consideration of this, we would say that people should do a thorough check before buying.

Final Thought 

To conclude the verdict for the people who love less oil food and are looking to cook crunchy food with the hot air of the air fryer. With the help of the mixed reviews, we would say to go for in-depth research, to obtain the right product.We have mentioned our faithful Power XL 5 Qt Air Fryer Reviews for our reader, kindly comment here.

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