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Ppyfood com Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Ppyfood com Reviews 2020

Ppyfood com Reviews [May 2020] Is It Scam or Not? >> In this article, you get to know about a website to buy all sorts of customized products online.

We have gone through appropriate Ppyfood com reviews since the website is still in the run of gaining recognition among the audience. The site has recently arrived in the market, so we thought of sharing the details regarding this for all the shopping enthusiasts out there.

Various Online shopping stores are trying to make their impression through customized products. Competitors concerning this are more. Therefore, new websites are coming out with a vision to bring something new.

Currently, the site has customers from United State. People had excellent feedback regarding the product bought from the site.

New websites try to bring out unique customized products and reviews to complete solutions to your needs thinking about the convenience of the buyers. Read this article to know why you should choose Ppyfood.

What is Ppyfood?

Ppyfood com is an online shopping store for selling customized products. All the products from highly professional suppliers and production houses could be found here. The site has recently been launched in the market and is still trying to gain recognition among the customers though the customers who had bought products from this site were satisfied with it. 

The site gives you a solution for a wide range of products. Hence you don’t have to roam around through different websites to buy the products of your choice. Customized products from highly professional suppliers and production houses could be found on the site.

Also, the prices are reasonable with huge discounts which are available on the products. Now, are you thinking whether this site is safe for buying items? Is Ppyfood com legit or scam?

Yes, people would have this doubt about new sites. Read the description given below to get the answer on whether the site is a scam or is legit.

Description of Ppyfood:

  • items – All sorts of customized products
  • Shipment within- 2-6 business days
  • Delivery time- 6-10 days
  • Exchange/Return- 13 days from the days of receipt.
  • Shipping charge- Free Shipping for orders above 40 USD.
  • Order cancellation- Before shipment.
  • Email address- 
  • Payment method- Paypal or credit card

Is Ppyfood legit?

It is safe to do transactions using this site since it’s encrypted with the Paypal server. You can also track the status of your payment by making use of Paypal Netwilf. The returns and exchange policies have been mentioned on the site. The privacy policy also has been explained to know how secured would be the data given by the customers.

Also, the site is SSL certified for assuring 100℅ security of its customers.

Many stores are now emerging as online platforms since the traditional shopping method is getting replaced by the digital one. Hence it is legit to use Online platforms in this digital era.

Why should you buy from Ppyfood?

  • Customized products from highly professional production houses 
  • Free shipping charges around the world on offers above 40 USD.
  • Can be returned or exchanged within 14 days 

Why not buy from Ppyfood?

  • Cash on Delivery facility unavailable
  • Free shipping available only on orders above 40 USD.
  • No gift vouchers available.

What are the customers saying about Ppyfood?   

Since it’s a new website, the customers who had bought products from this site were limited when compared to global shopping sites. Therefore, not many reviews were available. But those who had purchased the products from the site had mostly responded positively.

The product lasted for a long time, and some of them are still using it. The customers who had returned the outcome could easily apply for a refund. They could also enquire about the company about the refund through the email address given on the site.

Every customer didn’t have the same opinion about the site. Though some had the complaint that the company’s address could have been mentioned through the website. But, most of them were satisfied with the product and the service provided by the website.

Final Verdict

The site is still trying to make it’s impression globally. Since it’s a new site, the reviews available were limited. Details regarding its shipment and returns have been mentioned on the website. By giving free shipment globally, makes this site unique among other shopping sites.

We recommend our readers to get a look at this site and enjoy the privilege of placing orders with it.

We appreciate your comments and thus we would like you to share your experience if you have used this site.


  1. I purchased the “Stainless steel paint kitchen rack” 6 months ago from a VERY SIMILAR looking company – Myself among hundreds of other people did NOT ever receive the cheaply priced item and when I sent an e-mail to request a refund the e-mail address did not exist anymore.

  2. The writer of THIS particular website is pretty obviously not a native English speaker, so it doesn’t clear up any doubts about

    1. Agreed. !!!! I also ordered the same item. I even paid for fast delivery… dumb!!! I also never received this item. I have learned my lesson when it comes to ordering off Facebook advertised companies. A complete scam.

  3. It is very frustrating on my part because I ordered a similar item like this but it was very unfortunate that they sent me a plastic dish keeper which is sold at the dollar store!!! They kept changing the company’s name, so it seems new and legitimate!!!! It’s scary to order things from this website, I am just relating my awful experienced. Please be careful!!!

  4. It’s a complete scam. The online site looks professional I ordered a steraliser. The postage was £18 approx for 1 item. A completly different one came cheap plastic from China no charger inside as stated. No forwarding address or paperwork enclosed the only words on the envelope were Wanbeexpress which i looked up reviews online cheap Chinese company people not receiving items the 2 sites are probably 1 the same. It’s fraud.

  5. I ordered the kitchen rack paid the extra to have faster shipping. I received a tracking number through DHL but its invalid and the email listed above
    Email address- doesnt respond to any of my emails and thats who sent me the tracking number. But not surprised this is usually how Facebook adds end up for me lol

  6. I ordered the kitchen rack paid the extra to have faster shipping. I received a tracking number through DHL but its invalid and the email listed above
    Email address- doesn’t respond to any of my emails and that’s who sent me the tracking number. But not surprised this is usually how Facebook adds end up for me lol

    1. Did you ever receive this? Just wondering because I ordered the same thing a month ago and still havent gotten it. It shipped they say about 2 and a half weeks ago. Really wanted this, so wondering if I should just buy one from amazon .

  7. I also ordered the sink drying rack about a month ago, I paid for fast delivery hoping it would actually come fast. To this date I still have not received the item . I have emailed the only way of contacting this company multiple times and no response back. The tracking number they provided was invalid. So did I just waste 30 bucks on this item I will prolly never see. Ugh…. all of you who have commented did you ever receive it??? Just wondering if i should just chalk up the loss and buy this item off amazon which I have found. Little more expensive but definitely more legit. Really wanted this item. What should I do. Do I continue to hope it will come who knows when or just buy another. I guess if I buy another and it does eventually come. I can give it as a gift. Hmm

    1. I ordered in April and ‘it’ came today. By it, a tiny wire basket. They have changed the listing to two different choices a small and large. My invoice doesn’t lie though and I’ve requested a refund through PayPal. A complete scam.

  8. ordered this item on the 24th april 2020 paid for faster shipping ,today i received some kind of plastic cutlery holder ???? available in ikea for around 2 quid .total scam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! problem being im struggling on trying to get my money back from pay pal as i have to put a dispute in with the company but the email address isnt responding .any advice please

  9. Same thing happened to me. Ordered 2 months ago, would check status and nothing. Finally today the post office delivers a small wire soap basket but no dish rack. Its a scam. Call the bank.

  10. I ordered a outdoor golf game and nope it’s not here!! I’ve emailed and all I get is a failed email! Like really!!! How can you take money from people and not give us our purchases!! SCAM! I guess I’ll have to contact BBB! I’m so upset!!!

  11. I ordered My kitchen rack a month ago and I sent an email. They just respond telling me that it should be arriving soon and it has been out. Shows on tracking device that it’s coming from China. Hard times and just wanted my place to look nice and I got scammed. I will be reporting this to BBB and Facebook.

  12. I purchase a magic cleaner on April 17 this year and today May 22 no any word about my order. No answers or information . For me is an scam.

  13. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM I never received the item either. I contacted the FBI and will traced the email so they can locate the scammers

  14. Ordered the dish rack which I was sent an email to say that the item was despatched about 2 weeks ago. When checking the tracking number it tells me that the tracking number is invalid. Judging by the comments I think we all have been scammed. THIS IS A SCAM WEBSIT AND DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! I will be contacting my bank on Monday to get my refund as I payed through Paypal and it’s their responsibility to make sure that the companies that use there services are legit.
    Anyone reading this – Hope you and your family are all safe and well during these unprecedented times. Keep smiling and don’t get scammed like I just have! 😉

  15. PPYFood is probably a scam. I received tracking over a week after ordering, it was shipped over 2 weeks ago and tracking stopped mid-flight over the Pacific ocean. AVOID.

    [I also ordered the same dish rack it sounds like others did]

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