Price Chopper COVID Vaccine (Feb) Know The Vaccine Program

Price Chopper COVID Vaccine

Price Chopper COVID Vaccine (Feb) Know The Vaccine Program >> Please get to know the current list of pharmacies involved in the Covid vaccination program in this article.

Price Chopper COVID Vaccine: Price Chopper and Market 32 have added new pharmacy names to the COVID vaccine program list in the United States that offer the COVID-19 vaccine to those who qualify the criteria. 

Prior appointment is a must to receive the vaccine, for which Price Chopper scheduled an online appointment system from Monday, February 15, 2021. For more information, like a list of pharmacy names, eligibility criteria, please continue reading the article till the end.

About Price Chopper

The Golub Corporation runs stores under the Market 32, Price chopper, and Market Bistro banners in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, United States, and New Hampshire. Its main motto is to help people around and care for their safety.

COVID Vaccine from Price Chopper is a program that provides two series of vaccines; the second dose will be provided after 28 days of the first dose because both doses are a must for complete protection.

The Current List of Price Chopper COVID Vaccine Pharmacies

  • Market Pharmacy 32, Eastern Parkway 1640, Schenectady.
  • Market Bistro Pharmacy, New Loudon road Latham 873.
  • Market Pharmacy 32, Sanford Farms Plaza 141, Amsterdam.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy, Kendall way 1, Malta.
  • Market Pharmacy 32, Park Ave, Clifton Park.
  • Market Pharmacy 32, Route 50, 3045 Wilton.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy, Commercial Dr. 4535, New Hartford.
  • Price Chopper Pharmacy, Altamont Ave. 1879, Schenectady.

Who are eligible for this vaccine?

Concerned community is primarily focusing on those people who are 65 years of age or more. Once the vaccine is available in huge quantity, they intend to add more age groups. It is a two-dose vaccine; the second dose will be given after 28 days of the first vaccine. Both the vaccines are important for complete protection.

Following Groups are given Priority for Price Chopper COVID Vaccine

  • People of the age group 65 and more are given first preference.
  • Health care workers who did not receive the vaccine from phase 1.
  • K-12 schools teachers, including the other staff, custodians, and bus drivers.
  • Licensed child care workers.
  • Public servants like police, firefighters, and many safety workers.
  • Grocery shop and food processing plant workers.
  • Bar and restaurant workers. 

Some More Information

  • After taking the vaccine, you will be asked to stay safely at particular premises for about 15 – 30 minutes for recipient observation.
  • If appointments are no more available, keep visiting the site Price Chopper COVID Vaccine regularly for fresh availabilities. 
  • Those who booked an appointment will receive an e-voucher, take a printout of it or show it on the mobile along with one government ID and insurance details at the time of visiting the location.


Price Chopper believes it consistently provides service and products to satisfy customer needs, making them successful. Prior appointment is needed to get the vaccine’s benefit, so book an appointment and look at the list of locations where the vaccine is available in this article. And take the benefit of the vaccine. 

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