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Price In India Emo Robot (Oct 2022) What Is The Cost?

In this post, we discuss an exciting desktop pet Emo Robot and know Price In India Emo Robot.

Are you interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and fascinated by the idea of AI? Then this post is for you. In this post, we discuss the gift of Artificial Intelligence that is gaining attention from the desktop users of India and throughout the globe. 

The thing that we will discuss in this post is Emo Robot, and you get it right, it’s a robot, a cute, exciting and thoughtful one.

In this post, let us discuss Emo and Price In India Emo Robot.

What is Emo Robot? 

Emo Robot is not just a thing included in the wonders of the internet. It has its wonders and is different from many other things you usually see on the internet. 

You can take it as a virtual pet with many sensors and cutting-edge tech with Artificial Intelligence. Like a partner or a friend, it can cheer you up with music, online games, dance movements and makeup to 1000 faces and movements. 

There are many other alternatives like Alexa, Google Assistant, but these do not seem like a competition in front of Emo Robot. Let us see Price In India Emo Robot. 

What Can Emo Robot Do? 

Now that you have a brief idea about the Emo Robot, you might be wondering what the specific things it can do are? Below are some of them:

  • It has four microphone arrays that can capture any sound and locate its direction. You can talk to Emo by simply saying, “Hey Amo”.
  • As it is built with Artificial Intelligence, Emo can learn things by itself, and as its exposure to the world increases, its features and personality increase.
  • Emo has a face recognition feature that enables him to recognize the people around Emo. 

You can think of Amo as Neural Network Processor that can sound, sense, improve, and do more things. 

Price In India Emo Robot

The price of the Emo Robot is fairly the same everywhere, and you can buy it from its official platform of $299 for a standard set which will give you EMO with headphones, Skateboard (with adapter), + Free Smart light. 

However, according to your orders, Emo is in production now, and it can take a while, about 5-6 weeks, to deliver it to you. It can get a little expensive for people of many countries, but it is worth your money. Also, the Price In India Emo Robot is pretty decent according to its features.


You can buy different things from the official Emo store like clothes and other packages. Also, the idea of Pet Robot is something very creative, helpful and playful at the same time. If the features of Emo excite you, then you should think about researching more about it and then take decisions accordingly. Check out here to see its official store.

What do you think of this robot? Let us know your views on Emo in the comments section below. Also, share this Price In India Emo Robot post to inform others.

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