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Projeto Novo Mundo Codes (June 2021) Get Deep Insight!

Projeto Novo Mundo Codes (June 2021) Get Deep Insight! >> Check this post to know about the children development program recognized by Municipal Corporation to eradicate social inequalities among children.

The Novo Mundo project was founded in 2015 to combat social inequality growing among the new children. The aim is to rescue culture and citizenship through games and workshops, so the children learn the value of humanity instead of believing in socialism.

In Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, the games and workshops are highly designed through which Brazil children know about the culture of different groups and a human value. Hence, their adolescent becomes well-built and capable of shielding themselves in every challenging situation.  

To know more about this project, continue reading.

About the New World Project

Brazil’s New World Project (Projeto Novo Mundo) Novo social promotion and development association was founded in December 2015 with the registered number CNJP-24.038.615. It is recognized as a municipal public utility as well as a state public utility.

This new project, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes, aims to develop promotional, sporting, and educational skills among the given growing children. Furthermore, this project seeks to eliminate social and caste system and gender inequality issues among the children so they live and build their lives significantly.

In addition, the primary goal of this project is to serve social values to the children who have their parents but work outside the home and grandparents or housemaids raise them. These children are welcome to attend this new school for eliminating all negative influences there.

Projeto Novo Mundo codes

To develop a difference in our children’s lives, one should know about the complete program.

So, let’s start!

What is this project?

  • Efficient addition of people with disabilities in the world of work
  • Establish an efficient bridge that unites actors at the extremes of professional inclusions
  • Through workshops, vocational, and professional qualification.
  • Development of citizenship, quality of life, and values

Who can involve in this project?

  • Physically disabled people over 14 years old
  • People live in social vulnerability
  • Poor education level

Qualifications to be offered:

  • Production assistant
  • Storekeeper
  • Technical assistant
  • Quality inspector
  • Administrative assistant

Pillars of Projeto Novo Mundo Codes development

  1. Adequacy of didactic
  2. Team building
  3. Partner preparation
  4. Course development
  5. Social inclusion

What are the strategic actions involved? 

This project aims to create more significant interaction between the actors involved in the inclusion process. Therefore, the following plays a strategic role in the new world life project.

  • Public agencies

The actions involved under team are as follows:

  • Project coordination
  • Business mobilization
  •  partnerships
  • Recognize the SENAI-SP training program
  • Postpone the collection of quotas. To know more about the basic module and whole structure of this project, visit here.  

Final Words

As you see, Projeto Novo Mundo Codes is a brilliant project for children to grow them in a great environment. Hence, they know the worth of humanity without indulging them in social inequality. Furthermore, the project is about developing professional skills in children so they can earn a great life.

What’s your opinion about this program? Is this best for children development? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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