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Promo Codes Roblox 2022 (Jan) Check Recent Updates

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This blog holds each and every update of the most popular gaming platform Roblox and the Promo Codes Roblox 2022 event. Read and know the code details.

Are you a Roblox gamer? Do you know that Roblox brings surprises for the gamers in the January 2022 promo code event? 

This news will make you happy, as it includes all the latest updates with promo code events of Roblox. Roblox enthusiasts Worldwide are looking for the details regarding Promo Codes Roblox 2022 as it allows players to obtain various special gaming gear and equipment.

So, read the article till the end to get updated news about this event.

Introduction of Roblox:

Those who do not know about Roblox, read this section- Roblox is an innovative virtual gaming platform, which allows Worldwide gamers to access free gaming without any hidden charges. Roblox isn’t popular for its free game streaming availability, but it also gains recognition due to its unique feature of game creation. Yes, on the Roblox platform, anyone can develop and publish games and share them with the community. 

Checking on Promo Codes Roblox 2022, we found the creators of this platform are Erik Cassel & David Baszucki. The platform was first published on 1st September 2006 for PC devices. But with time, the platform is updated and released for Android, iOS, and Xbox devices. The latest release date is 20th November 2015.

Importance of promo code event:

Roblox platform brings engaging games with challenging tasks; to level up; you need special gaming gear to give your character a new avatar. You can purchase from Avatar shops with Robux, and Robux buying requires real money. Ince, Promo code events are important for gamers as it gives games access to get special gear, clothes, equipment etc.

Promo Codes Roblox 2022:

The codes are listed below-

  • MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021 code is for ‘White Flamingo Fedora.’
  • Peppermint Hat can be obtained with TARGETMINTHAT2021.
  • Dev Deck is available with ROBLOXEDU2021.
  • TWEETROBLOX code gives access to ‘The Bird Says.’
  • WorldAlive code is for Crystalline Companion, but it must be redeemed in the Island of Move.
  • ROSSMANNCROWN2021 is for ‘Crown of Electrifying Guitars.’
  • Kinetic Staff is available with a DIY code, but it must be redeemed in the Island of Move.
  • Speedy Shades can be obtained via the GetMoving code; however, it must be redeemed in the Island of Move.

These Promo Codes Roblox 2022 are all active and can be redeemed.

Details of Inactive prompt codes-

  • WALMARTMEXEARS2021 for ‘Steel Rabbit Ears.’
  • KROGERDAYS2021 for the ‘Golf Shades.’
  • ROBLOXTIKTOK code is for the ‘Red Panda Party Pet.’
  • TRUASIACAT2020, this promo code is for ‘White Cat Wizard Hat.’
  • Shutter Flyers for THISFLEWUP.

How to redeem the promo codes?

The process is simple; all you have to do is open Roblox and go to the game page. Next, click on the ‘Code’ button; enter the active codes, and click the Enter button. The free item will appear in the gear section.


We have given some important Promo Codes Roblox 2022 details by checking the latest update about the promo codes. To receive more updates on this matter, be with us and check our latest blog on Roblox. Also, are all the Robux generators unsafe? Read. Besides, what’s your review about this blog? Please post below.

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