Prop Hunt Mod Among Us {Dec} Want To Know The New Mod?

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us 2020

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us {Dec} Want To Know The New Mod? >> New mod available in popular game, read the article to find out all details for the complete fun!

Among Us is a very trendy game among the youth, and the craze for this game keeps on increasing. We will discuss Prop Hunt Mod Among Us and how this mod is getting lots of attention Worldwide. Let us now find out what makes this mod so unique and who is actually behind creating this new mod.

Recently the players seem to be complaining about the game having only one mod to play. Are you one of those?

Well, if you are, then you’re on the correct article here. 

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About Among Us Classic mod

Among Us is a viral game even after two years since its release, and players are still enjoying this entertaining game. But some players are bored with the classic and the only mode available on this game.

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us reveals that fans Worldwide mention that finding the imposter is fun, but being played on the same classic mode can be tedious.

As we know, the game is based on a spaceship plus can be played with 5 to 10 players acting as a crewmate. 

What is the new mode?

The concept for this mod is different from the classic version; here, the crewmates can disguise themselves as props in the spaceship. There is a twist on how to go along with the game; the imposters declare themselves in the game’s starting and then hide as props.

Who is behind this Prop Hunt Mod Among Us?

This version is not associated or developed by the original game; famous content creators and tubers created this mode. This model has a very fresh experience and can be played to fulfil your imagination.

Also, like the original version, there are tasks available here as well to win the game. Many players are excited to play, and the thrill of this new mode is impressive.

The props can be anything from a hat to an emergency button also into a storage box these props cannot be selected, and the players are offered randomly. 

Further in the detail for Prop Hunt Mod Among Us, the best part is that no name is displayed on the props and this mode also enables the imposter props to kill other player props.

What makes this mode exciting?

The classic version will always remain a classic, but this new mode can be more thrilling and exciting as it is funny to watch and play as a prop then an imposter. The players are given the ability to pass through walls as well to find a better hiding position.

Lets’ check out the conclusion section about this-

Conclusion on Prop Hunt Mod Among Us

As mentioned, this mode is not released by the official game but by many tubers and content creators. This mode is fun and can be exciting, but the classic will always be the original.

This brings a new type of thrill to the game as props can be fun to disguise. Mention in the comment section if you’ll have tried this version and also mention your experience.

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