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16 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Property on Cherry Grove Beach

Cherry Grove Beach is a small town along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It’s known for its wide, white sand beach and historic fishing village. In the 1950s, it was one of the first places on the East Coast to offer real estate with scenic ocean views, making it an ideal destination for vacation homes or retirement properties. 

16 Reasons Why You Should Purchase Property on Cherry Grove Beach

Today, Cherry Grove Beach offers a laid-back lifestyle with plenty of wildlife and natural beauty at every turn. You will find numerous reasons why people choose to buy property in this area; here are just 16:

  1. Close-knit & family-oriented town: the small-town feel is a significant draw for people looking to move away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Additionally, the tight-knit community and level of caring for neighbors provide a sense of home.
  2. Natural beauty & incredible views: the beaches are beautiful white sand with vast expanses that stretch out towards the ocean. There are also plenty of places inland where you can enjoy natural landscapes without too much development interfering with your view – whether by waterfalls, lakes, rivers, or just rolling hillsides covered in forested land.
  3. Laidback lifestyle: this relaxed way of life allows residents to slow down, spend more time with each other, take in their surroundings and enjoy what Cherry Grove Beach has to offer. Fishing village: fishing enthusiasts will appreciate being able to cast rods off the coast or try freshwater fishing at nearby Lake Mattamuskeet State Park.
  4. Low property taxes: when you buy your own piece of paradise, it makes sense why there are low property taxes. It’s just another way that Cherry Grove Beach looks out for its residents. Moreover, in some cases, property taxes are based on income level rather than the value of your home. You can check out homes for sale Cherry Grove SC.
  5. Pricing: Prices range from $250-$800k depending on where you want to buy and what type of house you’re looking for. In Cherry Grove Beach, there’s a large variety including waterfront homes with their own docks/piers or private fishing villages; historic houses located in the oldest section of town, which is also known as “The Village”; luxury developments that offer amenities such as pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, equestrian facilities and more; or single-family dwellings.
  6. Unique style & architecture: this historic fishing village has preserved many buildings dating back to colonial times. Original doors have been replaced by more modern ones, but some old patterns and details remain intact such as classic shutters or intricate brickwork found throughout the town center. There isn’t something that lacks the North Carolina coast’s trademark postcard feel.
  7. Historic fishing village: it’s not just the buildings that make this town historical – so do its people and traditions. The fishing culture is still strong today as some of the area’s residents are descendants of those first settlers who made their livelihood off these waters hundreds of years ago.
  8. Beautiful natural surroundings: nestled on North Carolina’s Outer Banks, you’ll find wide white beaches, scenic ocean views from your property, and plenty of wildlife for viewing pleasure! From dolphins playing in the waves offshore to wild horses running free on barrier islands- You never know what you might see while mingling about town or taking an evening stroll along with one of many beautiful walking paths.
  9. Outdoor adventures: The town has various outdoor activities for all types of people, including hiking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities. These activities make it easy for people to stay fit and maintain their health while having a ton of fun! Most importantly, you don’t have to take out extra time for vacations as the place makes for the perfect getaway spot year-round!
  10. Parks and Recreation: The town offers four parks, each with its own focus. They are called Heritage Park, Community Park, Cultural Center Park, or Ocean View Park, which is nestled between the salt marshes of Pamlico Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. All have a variety of recreational activities for one to enjoy, including picnic areas and playgrounds for children.
  11. Golfing nearby: With over 50 courses within 20 miles, golfers will never run out of options when it comes time to choose which course they want to play on any given day. The courses range from the traditional 18-hole layouts to nine-hole par-three courses. With an expanded list of golf courses in North Carolina, it’s never been easier to find the perfect course.
  12. Community events: Locals know how important Cherry Grove Beach is when it comes to staying connected with one another. Events like March on Main Street or Arts and Crafts Festival give locals a chance to come together for fun reasons that bring people from all over town into one place for everyone’s enjoyment.
  13. Ocean views: It goes without saying that Ocean View Park offers some stunning oceanfront property with its vast expanses of sand and beautiful seascape vistas. Visitors can’t help but feel transported by the soothing sounds of waves crashing against shorelines and gulls soaring overhead as they take in their surroundings at this park.
  14. Excellent schools: People with family in town or those who want to start a family in Cherry Grove Beach have reasons not so different from anyone else. Namely, the area has some excellent public and private schools for their children. This availability adds a sense of comfort and safety to the area, making it an ideal destination for families who want their kids to receive a quality education.
  15. Several business opportunities: In addition to being fun-filled destinations for vacations or retirement properties, Cherry Grove Beach is also home to some excellent commercial properties. It is one of the reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs have made this town their home away from home over time. With no shortage of places with potential, anyone looking at expanding into any sort of niche has reasons not just to consider but be excited about investing here.
  16. Close proximity to major cities: The connectivity to major cities is one of many reasons why people love to buy property in Cherry Grove Beach. Whether you want to be within an hour’s drive of Raleigh, Charlotte, or even Asheville, the state line is only about 35 miles away, and it provides a quick route to major population centers.


Staying in Cherry Grove Beach offers a good balance of convenience and relaxation. With miles of beach on the coast, it’s easy to understand why you should buy property in this small town!

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