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Many United States residents might be searching out for the portal to pay online the property tax due to them. So few official sites might be in your mind to make online payments of property tax.

Well, Pay Online is one portal that helps people around Los Angeles to pay property tax online through debit or credit cards. But a few days back, it was discovered that the website has not been accepting the payment in person, and all the county office buildings are closed until further notice. And thus online payments came to be effective on 16th March 2020.

What Is

The portal welcome people to pay their tax online. The tax collector and treasurer, assessment appeals and auditor-controller have launched this portal Pay Online as a website that gives overview information about the tax payments and some specific and important details of Los Angeles process of property tax.

Currently, the website is not accepting the payment personally in the office of property tax, so it has been made mandatory to pay online all the tax due to the property of the citizens present there.

For the people’s safety during this difficult time, the officials are deeply concerned for the safety and had started accepting payments online.

Contact Information Of Pay Online:

If you have any questions or confusion regarding the tax payments, you can contact the office through the below-mentioned contact information that we will share with you. 

  • Address of the Office: Los Angeles County Tax collector and treasurer, 225 N. Street Hill, Lobby first floor, CA 90012 Los Angeles.
  • The contact number of the tax collector and treasurer: (888) 807-2111, (213) 974-2196, (800) 735- 2929
  • The website link:
  • The email address of the tax Collector:

What Are The Mission And Aims Of Tax Collector And Treasurer?

The tax collector and treasurer of the Los Angeles Pay Online aim to collect, bill, invest, borrow, safeguard properties and money and disburse them.

These official departments also help in auditing, enforcement, education, public information and estate administration services.

Briefing On Online Property Tax Payment:

As the portal has displayed in front that the offices of the property tax have been closed since last year due to the covid19 pandemic, so they have come up with online payments through two methods:

  1. Paying by E Cheque: You can pay through e-cheque your tax, and the only thing you need to have is a personal identification number to pay tax by E cheque. 
  2. Paying By Debit or credit card: you can also pay your tax easily through debit or credit card. In this payment method, also you need to have a PIN. The payment is limited to only $99,999.99


The Pay Online method started came into effect on 16th March 2020 when all Los Angeles property tax offices were shut down.

So, the portal started accepting the property tax online through E Cheque and Debit or credit cards!

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