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Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda {Aug} Would This Be Helpful!

Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda {Aug} Would This Be Helpful! >> This article will detail the financial aid given by one of the cities government during the surge cases of Covid-19.

Do you know the delta variant of covid-19 cases are increasing rapidly? And the local government of every state are trying their best to aid the citizen. The Philippines local government is also giving all sorts of help to each individual from the government. Today we will look at how to claim Ayuda and who will receive the benefits of Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda.

When is ECQ Ayuda distribution beginning?

Manila is under lockdown from Aug 6 to 20 due to a surge in cases of delta variant of Covid-19. And Manila’s locals are affected by the second round of hard lockdown, or Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). The government has decided to give financial Ayuda to these people, and individuals started receiving ECQ Ayuda from yesterday, i.e., Aug 11, 2021.

However, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) visited NCR to ensure proper aid distribution. 

Even unvaccinated Ayuda have the option to get vaccinate for Covid 19 and receive financial aid. 

Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda- How to claim?

With the surge in cases, the delta variant is confirmed present in all 17 localities of the region. And the government does not want to take any chance to people’s health and wants it to go as safe as possible. Therefore, they requested patience and follow social distancing and health protocol, and they will distribute face-to-face.

Beneficiaries have to bring their barangay certificate and ID proof to claim the fund.

But, as more than 380000 families have to receive aid, they cannot go for door-to-door service within the estimated time.

So, this time Makati local government unit opts for contactless Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda to distribute ECQ cash aid via Gcash. If you don’t want to follow the queue, you can have the option of Gcash, which is extremely hassle-free for both the government and the beneficiary. Gcash is the virtual wallet developed by Globe telecom.

What is Makatizen Card?

It is a valid government-issued ID that stored the bearer’s information such as gender, address, blood group, and emergency contact number. And each Makatizen card has Gcash mobile wallet feature, customized for the local Makati city merchant network. So, whether paying taxes or availing health benefits, all will credit to Gcash wallet link to Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda Gcash wallet.

How many will benefit from the cash aid?

Disbursing amount P10.894 billion cash for two weeks ECQ duration will benefit 10.89Million individuals Filipinos. In addition, it aims to provide financial aid to the low-income population in Metro Manila.

However, Domagoso said, “We will find other way, if fund is not sufficient.” According to the latest report, 233k Makati residents has received ECQ Ayuda on the first day of distribution.

Know more about proudmakatizen com here. 


When they distributed Ayuda last time, multiple reports claimed that the government did not match the families’ actual numbers. However, we hope all beneficiaries get Proudmakatizen Com Ayuda this time, and the process goes as smoothly as the government thought.

Let us know in the comment section below if you also got the financial Ayuda?

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