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PS Gamix {Dec 2020} Think Before Buying From Website!

PS Gamix 2020

PS Gamix {Dec 2020} Think Before Buying From Website! >> Are you looking for website to purchase a gaming console? Read this article for a good suggestion.

Are you a gamer looking for a PS5? But the device is not available near your location? Well, the solution to these problems is answered in this article on PS Gamix.

Here we will discuss a website that claims to provide the latest PS5 editions to all the gamers, offering standalone products. The website is gaining many people’s attention, mostly in Spain, where gaming is a big gig.

We will also discuss the product and the website in detail to determine the legitimacy of the website. If you be interested in purchasing from the website, then read the article till the end.

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About PS5 and PS Gamix

All the gamers are well aware of the newly launched PS5, officially out in the market on 12th November 2020. PS5 is a video game launched by Sony; the game has two versions, the first is the original version PS5, and the second is the PS5 digital edition.

Both the versions have different prices long with different features; the console is available online and in stores.

We are focusing on the website. The site claims to PS5 consoles both the version with worldwide shipping. The website also guarantees a money-back option, which is very attractive.

Let’s have a look at the specification of the product on PS Gamix.

Specifications of PS5

  • The console was launched on 12th November 2020, with two versions.
  • The first is the original version having a disc, while the second is a digital edition, aka without a disc.
  • The product has an attractive feature known as SSD, which is super quick, hence less loading time.
  • The product allows the player to experience high quality as the device can be connected to 4k TVs.
  • The device has HDR technology enabling the player to experience colors on a different level.
  • The gaming set also supports an 8k display available on PS Gamix. The player can now experience smooth gameplay, thanks to the high frame that can go up to 120 fps.
  • Imagination can be put into play with the support of integrated I/O.
  • Standalone products like dual sense wireless controller, charging station, wireless headsets, remote, and an HD camera are also available on the website.


  • The device is a boon for all the creators to design games.
  • The website offers quick delivery in Spain.
  • The gaming console has all the excellent features for display, making the player feel the game. 


  • The device is a bit costly may cause you a hole in your pocket.
  • The gaming console supports a 4k display TV; if you have an old TV, the user cannot play on it. 

Is website PS Gamix legit?

The website offering this device is launched just four days back, i.e., on 6th December 2020. The website only offers PS5 along with both the editions; the site claims 100% money back.

The website only has social media presence on a Facebook page created on the same day as launched with 11 likes and no followers.

The website is way too young to be trusted enough to purchase anything. The products hold a charm among the players and they eagerly wait for the launch of the product. As the product is great for a gamer, we would say that you can go ahead with buying the product but from some reliable web stores.

What are people saying about the product? 

The product is legit, but the website PS Gamix seems suspicious. The pro-gamers are very happy with the successor of PS4; the features are all different from the old gaming console. The exciting display and 3D audio is making the players go all gaga over the device.

The device is launched with standalone products that can increase the fun and excitement of the games. Though there are some drawbacks like not supporting TVs that are not 4k may worry those who don’t own a 4k display TV.


The product is great and it is a charm for the players. We can conclude by not recommending the PS Gamix website for any purchase. The gaming console is very much legit, but the website cannot be trusted for any purchase as it is new, and there is no proper transparency displayed.

Purchasing from this website can be risky, so we would request the reader to purchase the gaming console from the official website or any reputed ecommerce web-store.

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