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Ps4 System Software Update Error (Dec) Bugs & Fixes!

Do you know the practical solutions to render the Ps4 System Software Update Error? If not, then please read this write-up.

Are you frustrated with the occurrence of regular bugs in your system? Today, we are with the complete details of an error and its solution. 

Most of us don’t like errors when playing games or doing official stuff since it lowers our working capacity. Moreover, these errors can arise due to bugs in the code, etc. Nowadays, people in Canada, the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom report update errors in Playstation 4. 

So, we will suggest some methods to fix the Ps4 System Software Update Error

Understanding the Error 

It is a system update error that occurs in Playstation 4, preventing the device from logging on. 

When your PS4 display shows you the notification, ‘An error has occurred. SU-30746-0.’, you will detect this problem. ‘

Thus, you might be thinking that what initiated this error to happen? What is its root cause? Well, please read the next section carefully for the answer. 

Causes of the Error 

If your PS4 informs you about the system update error, it might be due to expired system versions, altered games, etc. 

How to Fix Ps4 System Software Update Error?

To settle this error, you can choose any step from the below-mentioned section at your convenience. So, let us study to learn more. 

  • Install The System Update 

You can initiate this process if you can reach the home screen, but the update has failed. So, link the PS Console via the LAN cable to your router and follow the steps:

  • Head towards the ‘Notification’ tab
  • Remove any existing file by pushing the ‘Delete’ button
  • Choose ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘System Software Update’. 

If you cannot approach the home screen to mend the Ps4 System Software Update Error, then pick the ‘Update System Software’ for Safe Mode initiation. If it fails, then follow the other method.

  • Upgrade The Update by Hand Using A USB Drive

For this process, you should have the following stuff:

  • Dualshock or Dual Sense Wireless controller (PS4/ PS5)
  • A USB Cable 
  • Computer with an active Internet
  • USB flash drive with 500 MB free space. 

Find the process as below:

  • On the USB, create a folder named ‘PS4’.
  • Under PS4, make another folder, ‘UPDATE’, to mitigate the Ps4 System Software Update Error.
  • Then, visit the update page and save the file in the ‘UPDATE’ folder.
  • Name the file as ‘PS4UPDATE.PUP’. 
  • Insert the drive into your PC. 
  • If the ‘SU-41350-3’ error shows, then remove the existing file.
  • Initiate the PC under ‘Safe Mode.
  • Select the ‘Update System Software’.
  • Then choose ‘Update’ and click on ‘OK’. 

People’s Reaction 

On one YouTube video , most users have commented that the tricks are working perfectly and are simple. In contrast, some stated that the issue is occurring even after doing methods. 


In this write-up, we have noticed the Ps4 System Software Update Error fixing methods. Also, the post has evaluated the introduction and root cause of the problem that initiated the trouble in PS4. 

Different users’ comments on the methods are demonstrated clearly, of which most are stating that the procedures are beneficial. Learn more here if you want some tips on solving or troubleshooting any error

Have you ever been stuck in this issue? Please provide your opinion below. 

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