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Puffy Lux Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype?

Puffy Lux Reviews 2020

Puffy Lux Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype? >> This article is meant for those who are searching for a great buy in the category of mattresses and want to know more about PuffyLux.

Sleeping is important for our body and for a good night’s slumber; a perfect mattress is one of the playing factors. There are several external factors and internal ones, for which we lose sleep, but if it’s because of the spread on your bed, then you definitely need to heed on that.

Choosing the right mattress for oneself isn’t easy at all. There are certain factors that need to be considered before you purchase one for yourself,

Firstly, determine whether you really require a new mattress for yourself. Investing on one is quite something for an average earner, so tentatively, every 7-8 years, one can go for a change.

Secondly, budget your purchase. It’s not necessary that a pricey one will be worthy. Better to purchase a mattress which costs in the medium range, excluding the upper and lower limits.

Thirdly, research on the type of mattress your body is ideally suited for. For example, Latex suits people who desire good cooling, responsiveness and bounce, whereas memory foam is meant for body shaping and pressure relief.

Lastly, your sleeping posture and body weight are also responsible factors for selecting the appropriate mattress for you.

About Puffy Lux mattress,

The Puffy Lux mattress is a thick one(12”), which barely needs a bed to rest upon, but that depends on individual choice, whether you wish to place it right on the floor or on a plank. The mattress is an all foam one, comprising of four layers.

The ‘Lux’ variety is the premium presentation by ‘Puffy’. The product has become highly popular in United States and Canada. The original version of Puffy mattress was featured in ‘The Ellen Show’, a couple of years back and now the premium one is acclaimed to be the ‘best mattress 2020’.

Who would buy this?

Puffy Lux mattress being a really thick and soft bedding, it’s ideal for side sleepers. The mattress has a good sink and responsiveness, so even heavy weights can lay down on it.

Benefits of using Puffy lux mattress,

Here are few advantages of using the premium version ‘Lux’ of Puffy,

  • The product targets at pressure relief for your entire body.
  • Provides active support and contouring.
  • Your transitions will never be easier than on this, because of it’s high density.
  • It supports the natural alignment of your spinal cord and relieves stress.
  • The appearance is luxurious for your space.

Features of the product,

  • The Puffy Lux mattress is encapsulated with breathable soft fabric. 
  • Underneath the softness, lies a 3” layer of polyurethane foam infused with cooling gel that sets the top layer of the mattress. 
  • The layers aren’t very dense so air flow is conveniently maintained throughout.

How does it work?

The different layering of Puffy lux mattress is the key to it’s comfortable disposure. The lower most layer is 7” thick and is a dense support base, made of foam. 

On top this, is a 2” layer, which the company calls ‘Climate Comfort Foam’, this is basically a transitional between the top most and bottom layering.

The last layer which surfaces at the top is known as ‘Body Adapting Dual Cloud Foam’. This layering is exclusive to the ‘ lux’ variety of ‘Puffy’ and is designed to maintain the shape of your body and provide deep pressure relief.

A 1.5” layering again covers the last layer and is suitably called ‘Cooling Cloud Foam’. This layering is similar to memory foam and is provided only for extra comfort.

The final cover which wraps all these layers and binds them into one huge mattress is stain resistant.

How to use it?

Puffy Lux mattress is delivered free by FedEx and is packaged in a compressed box. You need to simply cut open the box and spread the mattress on your bed. It takes about 24-72 hours to gain it’s shape and thereafter can be used for sleeping.

What makes it better than others?

Puffy Lux mattresses are an improvised version of Puffy mattresses, which have already gained fame in the markets of United States. So, the newer form is already gaining popularity by virtue of it’s predecessor and is available as a premium brand at an affordable price.

Research says, that the cooling function of Puffy lux is eight times more than normal mattresses. It also provides great comfort as well as support to any body.

The mattress comes with a 101-nights warranty period. That’s literally, 3 months for a user to assess the product and decide on whether to keep it or not.

People’s Say,

This already acclaimed product doesn’t need to be spoken for. Yet, a few happy stories ,

“I recently acquired this Puffy lux mattress going by the good reputation of the older version and I wasn’t wrong. This new one is responsive and firmer for my heavy frame. I feel totally comfortable, when I am on it and wake up feeling fresh and completely relaxed.” – Jane

“Puffy Lux is an affordable premium class mattress, which is so suited for my kid’s room. It’s stain prevention factor doesn’t allow soiling too early and it’s tough supportive frame allows my kids to play and jump on it. They are too happy as I don’t scold them anymore.” – Samy

“My old mattress needed to be abandoned and I was confused about buying a new one. I chanced upon Puffy lux and it turned out to be a great mattress for my whole family. I have bought a pair of them and we are still within the warranty period. We desire to retain them.” – Suzy

My Recommendation

For hot and sultry climatic conditions, Puffy Lux will make a great buy, because of it’s exceptional cooling capabilities. Needless to say, that such a firm mattress that’s totally designed keeping in mind today’s lifestyle would suit any household for that ultimate relief at any time of the day.

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