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Puricare Lg Mask Price (June) Is The Product Legit?

Puricare Lg Mask Price (June) Is The Product Legit? >> A leading brand has designed a next-generation mask with the latest features. Here, you will get to know about its legitimacy, price, features, & reviews.

Today’s Covid-19 situation mask has converted our daily life essential accessories. Even several branded companies are designing masks with the latest technology that has a long shelf-life. Along with the initiation of a worldwide leading brand, LG has recently launched their next-gen mask in India and worldwide.

Check the Puricare Lg Mask Price, its latest feature, pros and cons, reviews and many more aspects from this informative content.

What is Puricare Lg Mask?

LG Puricare is a hi-tech mask designed to give users 99.99% protection from harmful bacteria. The mask is crafted in a way so users can breathe easily, without breaking a sweat. It has a ‘respiratory sensor’ to detect the volume and cycle of wearers’ breathes, while the duel fans control the ‘dual 3-speed’ fans accordingly.

The ergonomic design fits your face properly to minimize the leakage of air. We observed people are showing interest in this product and seeking Puricare Lg Mask Price but first know about it more. According to the brand promotion, the mask’s manufacturing is done with only medical grade materials to provide each wearer protection inside & out.

It includes a disposable HEPA filter for giving high protection from any harmful virus and bacteria. According to the designer, the user must replace the HEPA filter after 1 month of use. Moreover, unlike surgical masks or normal fabric masks, it has the latest chargeable feature. The masks can 100% charge within 2 hours and can perform straight 8 hours.


  • Brand Name: LG.
  • Color Options: White.
  • Puricare Lg Mask Price: HK$1,180.00 (151.99 USD, 11269.54 Rs.)
  • Product Type: Air Purifier Mask.
  • Recharging time: 2 hrs approximately.
  • Fan Type: Inverter fan.
  • Sensor: It has a respiratory sensor.
  • Filter: It includes HEPA filter, which is H13 grade.
  • Product Dimension: 156 (W) x 110 (H) x 63 (D).
  • Weight of the Product: 126g (net weight).
  • Running Time: Minimum 4hrs- Maximum 8hrs.
  • Fan Speed Customizable: It is high or medium or low.


  • The product has 2 side HEPA filter.
  • It has 2 customizable fans for easy breathing.
  • It received several reviews.
  • The brand site is popular worldwide, including in India.
  • While searching the Puricare Lg Mask Price, we got that the mask includes a unique respiratory sensor to detect users breathing cycle.
  • It is a reusable mask with a recharging facility.
  • The package includes an extra filter, face guard, USB cable, inner cover, user manual.


  • The launching date is unavailable.
  • Reviews say that the price is a bit high.

Is the Puricare Lg Mask legit?

Although the product is backed by a reputed brand; however, it is needed to check its authenticity-

  • The product arrival date is unknown.
  • Every specification is available with complete details.
  • The seller site has complete contact details with address, email ID and phone number.
  • It has a valid account on the community platform.
  • The product has already garnered traffic and reviews.
  • While seeking the Puricare Lg Mask Price, we found that the entire description is 100 percent unique.
  • The brand is 26 years of age, made on 08-06-1995.
  • The trust score of the brand is near-perfect- 99%.

Therefore, we can trust both the brand LG and its latest Puricare Mask.

What do consumers think about this product?

The product launching date is unknown, but it garnered a number of reviews within this short time of launching. On its brand page, the mask has got 4.5 ratings with the remarks like the running time is good, it is money worthy product.

However, it has gained many other retail sites like Amazon, where people have mentioned that the mask is too heavy, the design needs improvement, the Puricare Lg Mask Price is a bit high. The social media profile of LG has millions of followers and likes with mixed-positive reviews about the brand.

On Trustpilot, people have given their opinion. If you are searching more to know the brand properly, then check this out

Final Verdict:

The product has all the authentic information to earn 100% of customers’ satisfaction. Else, the manufacturing company has become the leading brand with excellent trust score and reviews. 

The product is available on various retail portals; however, it gained mixed reviews, so people need to read all the remarks then purchase. 

What do you think is Puricare Lg Mask Price expensive? Mention the below box. Know more regarding the product is authentic or not by clicking here.


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