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Pursh Shoes Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit?

Pursh Shoes Reviews 2020

Pursh Shoes Reviews [Jan 2021] Is It Fake Scam Or Legit? -> You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy bags, so go for it.

Are you a person who always completes her outfit by styling it with a purse? Have you got short of handbags in your wardrobe? So, don’t cry, buy a bag, and get over it.

Today we are going to present you with a store filled with unique and fabulous purses. Purshes collection brings you the most stylish and modish handbags for your every outfit. 

In this article, we will familiarize you with all the basics of this website, which has earned great fame in the United States and worldwide, and would try to find out and get over the Pursh Shoes Reviews.

What is the pursh shoes collection?

It is an online store that provides you the curated and economical collection of purses for every outfit, every occasion, and for your every mood. The store is top up with all kinds of bags.

The website focuses on increasing love and kindness to all of its customers by providing them the perfect customer care services they deserve. 

It always endeavors to keep its customers satisfied. It acquires its products worldwide to make it the most affordable for people to buy. 

It also donates 5% of their every purchase to any cause they are passionate about. It also gives an option to the customers to return the product. 

Let’s go deeper into our discussion and examine the Pursh Shoes Reviews.

Specifications of Pursh and Shoes collection

  • URL:
  • Website:
  • Contact details the website:
  • Return policy of the website: customers can return the product within 45 days go good received
  • Payment mode available to the customers: online method is available with the customers
  • Products it deals with: it deals exclusively in the girls’ handbags.
  • Availability of the website: Face book, Integra, Twitter
  • Shipping availed by the customers: free shipping for all the products to all the customers.

Pros of the website

  • This website deals in a great variety of girl’s handbags and handbag accessories. 
  • It also enables the customers to return the product in case the customer finds the product damaged or not up to the mark within 45 days of receipt of the product.
  • It also gives an advantage of free shipping to all the customers for all the products. 
  • This website has its page on Face book, instagram, and Twitter, which provides the website with reasonable authenticity. 

Cons of the website

  • The website holds very little information regarding contact details on its page. 
  • The website also doesn’t have many customer reviews about it. 
  • The company takes a long time to ship the product to the customers.

Is Pursh Shoes Legit?

Pursh shoes is an online store that deals mainly in women’s handbags and handbag accessories at an affordable price. The website is new in the market, which doesn’t stand on the ground of 

Its authenticity. It has provided no contact details on its page to the customers. No address is mentioned on the page, so the customers are not sure whether they will receive the product or not. 

As new websites do mostly online frauds, so it’s hard to trust any of these. We’ll suggest that you not buy anything from this website as the website is not so used and active and seem fake. 

Finally, answering to the question Is Pursh Shoes legit? The answer would be No and recommend you to stay away from it. 

What are the customer’s opinions about the website?

We hardly manage to gather the reviews about this website as a throng does not use the new website. People are not so familiar with the website.

Customers find the website details on the page as fake and find it difficult to believe it. No information on the address and contact about the company is provided, so the customers are not sure about its delivery.

Customers advices you all not to buy anything from this website as these new websites may misuse your information and may trouble you and holds all bad Pursh Shoes Reviews.

Final verdict about the website

This website provides you the most trendy, stylish, and modish handbags for your every outfit and every mood. It gives the boost to your entire mien and adds to your confidence. 

But the website is a newcomer to the people, and the information provided by it on its page is hard to believe. People find the website quite suspicious and are not willing to buy from it. Instead of being caught in the trap, be scrupulous. 

After going through all the legitimacy points and all the discussion we didn’t get much Pursh Shoes Reviews and suggest you search on your part before buying anything from it.

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  1. I ordered the boots and paid via PayPal.
    I never received an order confirmation or shipping information.
    Please check in this for me
    Thank you so much I’m excited to receive thes shoes as a retired Registered nurse my feet need these shoes,!!!
    Please let me know you received my order.,if the order has shipped and any tracking information you might provide to me
    Thank you so very much I ordered the brown in 81/2,size in Dec7 2020
    Thank you for your prompt attention to my request happy a holidays,
    Beverly Macey2514 KY Highway 519 Clearfield, KY 40313

  2. I ordered boots that were advertised as providing full support to ankles and feet. The picture had a shaped sole and visible heel. When I finally got the boots they were nothing like advertised. They were thin leather and had thin, flat soles. No support. Cheap junk. Do not buy here.

  3. I ordered boots and never received them…. my mother was ill and passed away a few weeks ago. So I was her care taker and didn’t get to follow up.
    Still haven’t received them as of yet.

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