Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com {Sep} Is It a Good Site or Not?

Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com 2020

Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com {Sep} Is It a Good Site or Not? -> Clean your vehicle, get a pass and zoom on the roads for business purposes.

Do you want to drive your vehicle on the road during COVID pandemic? Many countries are forbidding cars, trucks, and bike to run on roads. Besides, it is implemented to regulate the coronavirus spread. Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com will help you in understanding the law. 

Myanmar may be a small country but uses strict laws to prevent citizens from doing illegal stuff. The police officers take their responsibility seriously and are trying to avoid coronavirus to spread. Kindly read this post until the end to know the essential details:

What is Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com?

Vehicles enrolled under the lockdown period is going to be permitted to travel from one area from the other from Yangon, as per to the note from Myanmar Union Federation Commerce Chamber on September 25.

What do you do to get QA pass?

  • Mail has to be confirmed.
  • Next time you log into, repeat the email address.
  • OTP is sent to the email ID.
  • Open the spam or trash folder to check the mail. 

How to Apply?

Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com has enlisted the below steps to apply for digital QR pass:

  • Step 1: Fill the options on the application form.
  • Step 2: Click Save and continue.
  • Step 3: Produce an Employee List to complete the listing of Possible workers.
  • Step 4: Click Submit if all of the info is complete. (A confirmation email will be delivered to your email address you have entered.)
  • Step 5: Once enrolled, an ID using QR code is going to be issued to all those companies and their employees, and they will need to demonstrate their ID whenever they move from 1 township to the next.

What are businesses allowed to travel?

The government has decided to allow 27 businesses to drive between the Yangon townships. We have listed some industries below:

  • Air Transport
  • Cold and Food Storage
  • Container Transport Services
  • Drinking-Water Distribution
  • Dry Posts
  • Financial and Banks Services
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Ground services
  • Internet Services
  • Port operators
  • Post Offices

Customer Feedback:

The users in Myanmar substantially agree with Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com. The pass gives them the right to roam and travel on the road without any prohibition. Besides, the official website is user-friendly and informative to guide them with the application process. The users have plenty of options to apply through email and instantly verify their submission. 

Final Verdict:

Many governments have started giving e-pass for commercial vehicles to continue their businesses. Myanmar is not letting itself behind and decided to provide QR vehicle passes for easy tracking and traceability. Qrpass Sawsawshar Gov com is an excellent initiative for Myanmar drivers. It is open for small and big businesses. 

All they need is to submit the company and employees’ details to verify with the government. There are detailed simple steps that you can follow for easy verification. Kindly write your views in the comments!

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