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Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch {July} Find Error, Resolution

Read exclusive facts and access information on how to resolve the Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch error concerning MIArgentina.

Did you know that the Government of Argentina had launched a public website to update and enrol for subsidies on gas services on 16th-July-2022? For citizens receiving benefits of Universal Child Allowance, Empower Work, Progresar, and other social programs, it is a must to register on the MIArgentina website (or) app. 

However, the citizens are facing technical issues with the website populating the error message Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch.

About CSRF token Error:

Cross-Site Request Forgery Token (CSRF) is automatically assigned to a website by any internet browser. The CSRF token is a security measure to identify spoofing attempts during the process of user login.

Secondly, the CSRF error message is triggered if your web browser cannot create secured cookies for any specific website, in this case, the MIArgentina website. 

Thirdly, the error message also populates if your web browser has created secured cookies, but a specific website cannot securely access those cookies.

Finally, the last but not the least reason for Que Significa Csrf Token Mismatch is the presence of third-party privacy extensions. As a privacy extension, it prevents a particular website from accessing cookies on the user’s device. Additionally, the options to block ads and web page scripts also results in CSRF error.

How does it work?

A website stores cookies containing user data specific to be used for that particular website. Such cookies include user ID, user name, and password in an encrypted format. These cookies help automatic login the next time you access the same website. 

Cookies help as you need not reenter your user ID, User name, password, address details, contact information and, in some instances, payment details too. Hence, the Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch and cookies information is encrypted and saved securely to be accessed in a highly secure environment by authorized websites. 

At the same time, if the cookies are not saved securely (or) allowed to be accessed by any websites, it will result in a user data leak.

A Simple Resolution:

In most cases, CSRF error gets automatically resolved if you refresh the web pages several times, resulting in automatic token allocate to a website by the web browser. 

However, it the issue persist, you need to clear your web browser history and cookies. 

Resolving Que ES Csrf Token Mismatch:

  1. Go to settings in any web browser you use. 
  2. Access the privacy tab/section in the settings.
  3. Click on clear cookies/browser data.
  4. You can choose to clear data within a time range, but it is recommended that you remove all the cookies’ data.


The CSRF error resulted in confusion among the users who tried to access the MIArgentina website. You can also install MIArgentina mobile app from the Google Play and Apple Store and easily register for subsidies. Alternatively, people unfamiliar with computers can submit an application in person at the ANSES office by booking an appointment via the nearest Comprehensive Care Unit (UDAI).

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