Questao Among Us Fuvest (Jan) All You Need To Know!

Questao Among Us Fuvest 2021.

Questao Among Us Fuvest (Jan) All You Need To Know! >> The article includes information related to the online game Among us questions asked in the entrance exam. Please read the information now.

Are you looking for details about Questao Among Us Fuvest entrance exam? Then you are on the right platform. In this article, we will tell you a few of the interesting and noticeable instances where students were surprised when they found questions related to “Among Us” and “Tik Tok” in the exam.

It is one of the prestigious entrance exams to take admission in the University of Brazil and over Latin America. Please read the full article to know more and about the exam which took place recently.

What is Questao Among Us Fuvest?

Like any other entrance exams for the Universities, the University of Sao Paulo organized the entrance exams where thousands of students took part. As the exam was held on January 10th, it became a notable one because it took part after the pandemic’s lengthy lockdown.

In this entrance exam of 2021, Brazil students were surprised when they found some interesting yet competitive questions in the question paper related to Among Us and TikTok. 

As we all spend most of the time playing online games and reading books during this pandemic, the entrance exam question surprised the candidates.

A Few Words about Among Us and TikTok

During this pandemic, apart from online games, people also enjoyed making short and funny videos on Tiktok. That may be why the University used to put questions that most students might spend using it in Questao Among Us Fuvest.

Like most of you know, Among Us is the most searched and favorite online game in the world. You can play it with your friends and family, several modes of games have been launched till now. The game allows you to chat with your friends or talk with your nearby rivals who come under a gaming radius.

Some unique version of the games of Among us like Prop Among us is also very popular among YouTubers. You can watch several videos of them shows the competition live.

About Tiktok, we can say that it is the most used application for making a short video. It is a Chinese application that is very popular worldwide. This application can create funny videos, dancing videos, and lots of other creative videos. Most of the world-famous celebs are also using this application.


As from details mentioned above, the Questao Among Us Fuvest is now clear. Among us is one of the most loved and played games over the internet today. There are more than millions of active accounts available right now. The game was released in 2018 but recently got hit and regain popularity. 

And using questions related to the games surprised the students who have given the exam and created a sensation over the internet because it is the rare case where the exam authority thinks this way of judging the student’s preparations.

Meanwhile, you can also share your thoughts and experience with Questao Among Us Fuvest in the comments section below.

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