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This news shares a complete insight of battle among members that got attacked with endless beef history of Raekwon Ghostface Beef. Scroll down and read details.

The music industry seems to be unique with the rise in hip-hop and other music genres. Every individual has his own style of presenting to the audience. Even in the United States, Raekwon and Ghostface were noticed to create a battle history on radio stations. 

Under one roof, there are several discussions and arguments taking place that people want to know about. Do you know the reason for solo album battles? If not, read more below. Our experts have explained the detailed reason and specifications of Raekwon Ghostface Beef.

About Raekwon and Ghostface 

Raekwon, born on 12 Jan 1970, and Ghostface, born on 9 May 1970, are rappers from the same industry with RZA. Both present competition of rapping in the American saga season, which showed off their Hulu original talent. As neighbors, they were not familiar, but Raekwon and Ghostface started growing as friends when they joined Wu-Tang. 

They found RZA to be their common enemy with a comprehensive history of their rapping battles because of some sentimental statement. After winning the verzuz battle, Billboard got broke the scoreboard. Read below more for Raekwon Ghostface Beef.

Raekwon Ghostface Wu- Tang Beef

After witnessing the last episode of Wu-Tang, American saga season 2, Ghostface and Raekwon have been rivals since starting of the plot. This childhood incident might be actual.  Later in 2019, when RZA, in an interview at the Breakfast Club, spoke about Staten Island, which turned both icon rappers were against this statement. He said Staten to be most isolated and people transferring to New Jersey and Brocklin. 

As Raekwon and Ghostface completed their middle schooling in Staten Island, they could not accept this text, and a situation of beef occurred for RZA. 

Raekwon Ghostface Beef

Wu-Tang clan from the American saga season 2 have many episodes of front rapping in the Hulu style. Since the start of a family, several controversies were stored up by the hip-Hop farms where they witnessed beef among the members. Interestingly ghost face and Raekwon Stood together in the battle of March 2021, where they noticed a common enemy. But interestingly, after listening to the news RZA, none of the members felt released.


Q-What is the truth behind the rumor of beef against rappers?

A-In an interview over a radio station, RZA was trying to hurt Raekwon Ghostface Beef on Staten island value. The fight was real, but Ghostface came up with more headlines as enemies for RZA.

Q- In the battle of verzuz, who won? 

A- With several themes and iconic tracks, Raekwon & Ghostface started hip hop display with contagious energy. The respect among the Raekwon and Ghostface was clear, and they won the battle without showing any disrespect.


Concluding the news given by our experts, RZA was the only reason that bought together under one roof but later, because of a statement, they decided to put up different headings of Raekwon Ghostface Beef in the group.

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