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Raindorps com Reviews (May) Should Anyone Buy From It?

Raindorps com Reviews 2020

Raindorps com Reviews (May) Should Anyone Buy From It? >> The article includes information, pros and cons, and about the return policy of the

Summer has come, and now it’s time to enjoy the beach time, most people go to the beach to relax, enjoy and to have fun with families and friends. But what if you don’t have the perfect attire for the beach? Several outlets are available where you can purchase products of swimwear.

In this article, we will discuss the Raindorps com Reviews where you get all types of products for swimming. Online shopping is a benefit that everyone appreciated, but few radicals are using this opportunity as a tool to make a public fool.

Most of the time, a regular buyer purchase product from the website without identifying the legitimacy of the website. No one should blindly trust the site, which is new or having low ratings or having no feedbacks. When you purchase products from an online shop, whether it is branded or not, always check the feedback provided by the consumers.

There are several cases reported in the United State that consumers lost thousands of dollars. One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that anyone can make a website and registered themselves, and the public gets trap by malicious websites.

What is is a regular website that sells products like Large Inflatable Swimming Pool, Giant Inflatable Pink Flamingo Pool Float, gift items, and remote control crane for kids, dolls, toys, drone, and many more products. Raindrop is offering various exciting offers and discounts on the products.

If you purchase any products from raindorp, you will get free shipping facilities, but the amount of purchasing must be over $79. The website is also having some new arrivals like Sprinkler for Kids, Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat and Ultimate Dual Water Slide Sprinkler, Splash Pool, and Two Speed Boards.

The website is providing 15 days of return time; you can return or can exchange the item within the due date. The company can also accept the product, which is faulty or damaged; the company will give you a free replacement. A customer can also ask for a refund if they do not want any exchange.

The full refund amount will be credited to the customers’ accounts within 25-30 days, and the processing time may get delay. In our research about the website Raindorps, we read a few articles where the site is not recommended. We found no raindorps com reviews. So, the consumer is advised to choose any other online store.


  • Email ID:
  • Telephone Number: 13076262338
  • Office Address: 5-2-1001, yangyanghuayi community, Zhonghua Yuecheng, baota district, yan ‘a city, Shaanxi province

Pros of Raindorps

  • Free shipping facilities are available from the company’s side if your purchase order is above $79.
  • The website is providing 15 days to return the products; if you receive any wrong or faulty raindorp product, you can return it or can exchange it.
  • You can get all the products available on the website at a low cost, as compared to the retail market.
  • You can also ask for a refund if you don’t consider the product. You will get a complete refund from the company.
  • You can also purchase some unique product like a bathtub, slider, kitchen utensils and many more

Cons of Raindorps

  • The website is not having any customer feedbacks; this makes trying to analyze the website.
  • Few articles are available on the website show the website is having six months old but not able to generate enough traffic, and we found no raindorps com reviews.
  • The address for the website is of China, so if any matter happens then, the customer has to send it back to China.
  • Consumers are advised to choose for any legit option, where you can find enough reviews and feedback to identify the website’s legitimacy.

Exchange and Return Policy

The website is not liable if you return the damaged product or used products, always keep the product in its original condition if you want to return.

At the time of return, you have to provide the receipt of the purchase order so that it can be identified.

Please provide the legit delivery address; the company will not be liable if the product is lost or in case of missing.


In our research, we found that the website is not trustworthy; we have not found any comments or feedback of the so it consumer can choose for any other option. But the choice of selection is always yours.


  1. The phone number and email for this site don’t work. I placed and order and am certain the company is not legit. It says you can cancel your order within 24 hours. I tried to no avail. I now have a tracking number from a company that had thousands of reviews saying it’s fraudulent. Learn from my mistake and do t order from them.

  2. The phone number is not in service, email them and get no response. Company seems to be a scam. PayPal is reviewing the case. I cancelled within five minutes of the order as the receipt from PayPal had a different name on it, then the name on the website. It raised an eyebrow

  3. I recently ordered from this company. The phone number is not a working number and neither are the emails. I have filed a dispute with PayPal and hopefully can get my money back but I believe it’s a fraudulent company.

  4. I agree with the other 2 comments here. I ordered a pool 2 weeks ago and after receiving a confirmation, have heard nothing. The email bounced back. Now as I look more closely at the website their prices seem to good to be true. Also, it seems to me that there are some similar websites out there that are probably also scams too. I filed a dispute with Paypal- hoping to get my money back. Don’t order from this site!

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