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Rammarec Review [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop?


Rammarec Review [Sep] Will It Legit For Shop? -> This post reports on a webstore that got recently launched and sells decoration items for parties.

Are you planning for a party at home? We usually plan for parties in advance and order party material online. Read this review to know about a newly launched webstore, which sells balloons and accessories for parties. To shop here, first, you should know everything about it, so we have given Rammarec Review for you to judge it.

It is advisable to research a website before shopping on it, to safeguard your essential information that may get at risk. That is crucial due to the ongoing scams that are prevalent these days in the web world. Hence, we have prepared this report for our readers to analyze the site correctly and then start shopping. The website belongs to the United State of America and sells party material like balloons. Judge it here by reading all the pros and cons that we will provide in detail.

What is is a webshop that sells balloons and other party accessories online. The balloons are available in a variety of shapes. It has a free shipping policy, and delivery is claimed to be received within 2 to 4 days. They take the returns only within 14 days from the date of receiving the item. You can make payments by using PayPal only on the website.

A contact address of the United State of America and a phone number is available for the buyers to contact. The email address is also available to provide support.

Specifications of

  • Webstore type – Online seller of balloons and accessories
  • Webstore Country – United States
  • Shipping – No charge worldwide
  • Returns – Taken within 14 days
  • Contact address – 11204, Oak Lawn Lane Ashland VA 23005
  • Contact email –
  • Contact Person – Lena Vinnitsky
  • Telephone – 763 458 4867
  • Payment mode – PayPal
  • Social media – Not available

Benefits of Buying from

  • The webstore has free shipping available worldwide.
  • The returns are acceptable to them.

Drawbacks of Buying from

  • The webstore is very young and was set-up only 37 days back.
  • It has negative reviews available online on some sites.
  • The contact address provided by the owner looks fake.
  • There is a negative association with social media sites.

Is a Legit Site?

The website was set-up on the internet only 37 days ago and is relatively new. It has a low life expectancy on the web due to its shorter span of registration. Usually, the websites that plan to stay for a long time get registered for a longer span. On checking for Rammarec Review on the internet, we found only negative feedback. There is no association linked with social media platforms, and fake icons are placed on the website. That is usually done to misguide the buyers and to present the right image. 

Two nations are involved in its set-up, and one of them is a fraud country, present in the list of high-risk nations. Such a website develops low trust among buyers and has very little customer strength. It has provided a fake contact address, as can be judged from the Google maps. A webstore with so many flaws cannot be considered legit, mainly due to negative Rammarec Review. Also, the information available for customers on the website looks unprofessional and grammatically incorrect.

What do People Say about

People hardly know about this new webstore that sells balloons and accessories online. There is almost nil customer strength for the webstore, and is not a recognized site among online buyers. There is no presence available on leading sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well. However, fake social media icons are seen on the website, which is a bad sign on its part. This act makes the webstore more fake and lowers the trust level among buyers.

When we researched more, we found no Rammarec Review available on any popular review site. Thus, making the site unpopular and highly unknown. There is a Youtube video available for the website and its products that calls it fake too. Hence, looking at the feedback in general, we cannot consider the webstore as legit.

The Final Thought

We found a list of flaws associated with it by analyzing the new webstore for its features and services. Like nil customer strength and the amount of missing information, these negative points make the website unreliable.

We recommend the buyers to be careful and shop on legitimate sites only that sell similar products for parties and protect yourself from being scammed.

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