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Who ranked top on Rappers Richest 2022 list? Read the below-written content and know the latest survey result regarding the top-ranked richest rappers.

Do you love to listen to Hip Hop music & Rap music? Are you a fan of Eminem, PSY, Drake, or Dr. Dre?

If you’re a daily listener of rap music, you may also have the curiosity to gather the latest information about your favorite artists of the United Kingdom & Canada.

Today we bring the latest update regarding ‘Rappers Richest 2022,’ if you wonder who ranked top, check the whole content below.

Introduction of Rap music:

Rapping or rhyming is a distinct musical form of the vocal delivery, consisting of rhyme, street vernacular, and rhythmic speech, which is chanted or performed in various ways, mainly with the musical accompaniment or backing beat. The rap includes primarily 3 components- Flow, Content, and Delivery. Rap music culture isn’t new to the musical world; its popularity can be seen dating back to the 80s and 90s. Over time the culture has gained billions of fans and artists worldwide, including South Africa, Nigeria, etc.

Rappers Richest 2022- Who ranked top?

According to the 2022 survey result, the top richest rapper is Kanye West. Kayne West is the United States-based rapper whose net worth is around 3.2 billion USD. West is considered the most critically acclaimed rapper in history; his versatile musical style and outstanding creativity have broken the barrier as well as made him popular globally. As per the information, the latest net worth includes his fashion corporation’s revenue and marriage to the famous ‘Kim Kardashian.’ Till now, around 9 studio albums have been released, which ranked top on global musical charts for more than weeks & months.

Who has ranked on Rappers Richest 2022 list?

Checking the list, we found the top 20 rappers in the list, which is given below-

Top 20 richest rapper 2022-

  1. Kayne West, whose net worth is around 3.2 Billion USD.
  2. Jay-Z, the information shows his net worth is 1 Billion USD.
  3. P.Diddy, the net worth is 885 Million USD.
  4. Dr. Dre’s net worth is 820 Million USD.
  5. Eminem, according to a survey, has a net worth of 230 Million USD.
  6. Master P the net worth is 200 Million USD.
  7. Drake, the accumulated worth is 180 Million USD.
  8. Usher’s net worth is 180 Million USD.
  9. The data of ‘Rappers Richest 2022′ shows the Ice Cube’s net worth is 160 Million USD.
  10. Lil Wayne his total worth is 150 Million USD.
  11. Pharrell Williams’s net worth is 150 Million USD.
  12. Snoop Dog, the data shows his accumulated worth is 150 Million USD.
  13. LL Cool J’s net worth is 120 Million USD.
  14. Birdman’s net worth is 100 Million USD.
  15. Swizz Beatz’s net worth is also 100 Million USD.
  16. Adam Horovitz’s accumulated worth is 90 Million USD.
  17. Micheal Diamond (Mike D) ‘s net worth is 90 Million USD.
  18. Pitbull’s net worth is 90 Million USD.
  19. Timbaland’s net worth is 90 Million USD.
  20. Akon’s total worth is 80Million USD.


We hope you get all the Rappers Richest 2022 list in the above content. The source also shows the details of this artist. To get more information about your favorite rappers, check out our blog daily. Do you wish to know more? Please mention below.

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