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How would you react if you dream of a weird human being and that comes true? In many fictional stories, we come across many imaginary characters. In the same manner, one such human being with some weird features in the Philippines is still living on this planet.

Rasta Man Philippines is a man with all the unique features which makes him look different from others. It is his personality that separates him from other human beings, and that is not a normal identification.

What does Rastaman Mean?

‘Rastaman’ means ‘A male Rastafarian’ in English. It indicates the freedom fighter, battling against the cluster of classism, cultural denigration, colonialism and racism.

These people following Rastafarian have some unique looks like they may have dreadlocks, and their bodies are inked with different and unique designs, making them look more unnatural.

Who is Rasta Man Philippines?

A rastaman is a person who wanted to go for a senate seat to protest against the presence of China. He had been in the limelight for a long time for his desire to get elected for the senate seat.

In the elections of 2019, a man named Ronaldo Plaza, popularly known as Rastaman Yow, protested, holding banners in his hand. He got viral when some media persons captured him protesting in favour of saving the Philippines territory.

How did Rastaman go viral?

Rastaman’s different introduction made him viral when a person asked him about his identity. Rasta Man Philippines then became a known identity among the people when he introduced himself as Half Human and Half zombie. This made people more excited to know about his identity.

He gave a brief description about his tattoos, like an infinity sign on his cheeks, a motorcycle sign on his forehead and a third eye tattoo on his cheeks.

He sounded a bit funny and carefree when he was asked what he wanted to do.

Rastafari Culture

  • Rastafari which is also known as Rastafarianism is a religion that was discovered during the 1930s in Jamaica.
  • The beliefs of such religions were based on a particular interpretation of The Bible.
  • People like Rasta Man Philippines promote the idea of natural living.
  • Their religious and cultural practices believe in Levity and do not possess any hierarchical structure.


Wrapping up the content with the conclusion that people might have less knowledge about such culture and beliefs, the Raft Arian has been an interesting and amazing part of our society who played major roles in the development of their society. They took a stand for their community in different stages, which is a good thing.

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