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5 Effective Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies

You cannot minimize the usage of text messages if your goal is to maintain contact with your leads, particularly in real estate. Sending emails is a common approach to communicating with lots of people and is undoubtedly used by many. However, you have a benefit if you decide to send text messages.

According to statistics, texts have a 98% probability of being opened and read. Unlike emails, which could be deleted soon after being ignored or not opened, this one can be read. Well, it’s a bonus that it immediately reaches the people you send it to.

Since many text messages are short and don’t have many words, reading them doesn’t feel like labor. It can be read at a look. Additionally, they exude a sense of intimacy that warms the reader’s heart.

It seems simple, yes? Yes, it is if done correctly. To effectively achieve your intended outcome, you need to do more than just type your words and hit the submit button. You would want to get it right as your motivation for considering text messaging is to contact your lead.

1. Choose your Who

Who are you aiming for? You are unable to record any text messages sent to anybody. Finding folks you think might be interested in what you are selling is your greatest option. For instance, you cannot email kids on a $15,000 budget about a beautiful home that costs $50,000.

You would want to find out about them, their housing needs and wants, and the areas they are interested in.

To avoid selling something that your potential customers are not searching for, conduct research to identify who they are and what they are seeking. You may do your study utilizing any marketing channel.

By asking individuals to declare their interest in getting texts from you, you may compile a texting list. Giving a deal in exchange for joining your mailing list is a simple approach to attracting new subscribers.

Knowing your target audience will enable you to communicate special offerings to them in an efficient manner.

It cannot be stressed enough that you should avoid being overbearing while sending texts.

2. Pick a reliable platform

Numerous people choose to employ text message marketing for real estate, but due to a lack of knowledge, they approach it incorrectly. If you use a text marketing platform, you could be able to maximize the advantages of SMS text marketing.

You may send messages in mass to the contacts in your lists by using a text marketing platform to distribute your messages. Additionally, you might tailor each message to the receiver.

You should be able to track the effectiveness of your communications on a solid text marketing platform. This includes displaying the number of individuals who open your messages and the frequency at which they reply to you. It’s crucial to know which message and which audience responds to your text the most.

You are better prepared to make plans for the future when you know which text works better, which group reacts better, or which time achieves the aim.

3. Create a schedule

The key to success in business is consistency. In what situations would you want to SMS someone? Who receives what SMS and when? You would need to provide answers to such queries.

You might choose the day you send out specific batches of messages using your calendar after creating various lists of leads and organizing them.

Your study would determine the day you choose. Some customers might need to hear from you every month or every three months. You might have to text somebody every day if they have a pressing need for a home.

You must also have impeccable timing. You cannot be texting clients about acquiring an apartment at 1 in the morning. That seems ridiculous! They’re probably sound asleep. Your best chance is to choose a moment when your clients are not very busy and would have time to answer almost instantly.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to come out as overly aggressive to your prospects. Make sure your communications aren’t too frequent so as to tire out your audience.

4. Draft and review

Please keep in mind that we are sending text messages, therefore you will need to type your message. Do not rush to distribute your message. Verify your grammar and spelling. It would be in your best interest to incorporate copywriting into your communications if you want to make your material stand out.

There shouldn’t be too many extra words in your content. They ought to be as simple to comprehend as feasible. Don’t forget to add a touch of personality to your communications.

You could find it difficult on your first try, so you might compose more than one before submitting it. These safety measures are always worthwhile. You don’t want to damage what might in many cases be a first or lasting impression with your writing.

5. Add a Call To Action and your name

You have a purpose for sending texts, don’t you? Never fail to include that in your communications. Your contacts ought to be aware of what to perform and how to do it. Numerous calls to action often contain the necessary leads to make a phone contact or visit a website.

Shortcodes can be utilized by certain people as instructions that customers would follow to receive responses. You might send a shortcode or urge your customers to visit a link to subscribe for additional updates.

Another call to action is to help your survey create your texting list. If your marketing SMS contain a call to action, your customers will almost certainly respond.

Your customer ought to be able to identify the sender of this text. It is not excessive to write your name and the name of your agency even if they are folks who already have your contact information. It not only validates the text but also identifies your message from one that was sent accidentally.

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