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Rebadress Reviews {Jan} Is It A Legit Site Or Fake?

Rebadress Reviews 2020

Rebadress Reviews {Jan} Is It A Legit Site Or Fake? >> Before shopping dresses & amazing clothes, get to know more regarding site’s legitimacy from review.

Are you interested in shopping for exclusive products and clothing online? Through this website, the customers have access to a vast collection of products that are available at fantastic prices.

Rebadress Reviews shows that the online store is active globally and that it is a leader in providing stylish clothing to its customers.

The developers of this site focus on the vision that they empower people by making them available with products online. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you are; you can get the various deals and offers available through the site.

The people of the United States will find these products inspiring and affordable. Also, even you are a retailer or might be a shopper; you can still get the various products quickly through the site in light-speed service.

What is Rebadress?

This is an online store that provides customers with a wide range and collection of designed products. According to the Rebadress Reviews, the site developers focus on the mission to give confidence and beauty through the fashion they provide. 

Also, they wish to serve everyone around the world. They make shopping easy and accessible through their site. The various products available from the site are tops, dresses, winter wear, and much more.

There is a separate section for the new and the latest products that help the customers know what latest fashion is arriving on the site.

Various impressive deals and offers apply to these products, and the people from the United States can avail of these from the site easily.

Rebadress Reviews shows that it also includes the cozy and cute winter stuff that is warm as well as fashionable too.

What is so unique about Rebadress?

The important part about the site is that it makes beautiful designs available and the latest fashion also on one page.

Along with this, it also offers 10%off on certain products, which the users can easily avail of by using the code RD10.

The prices of the products are very affordable, which makes it easy and accessible for the customers. Different dresses are available like long dresses, party dresses, sweater dresses, floral, etc.

As per the Rebadress Reviews, this is a personal closet. It has transcended trends along with fashionable sourcing clothes.


  • Product: Dresses, Tops, and winter wear
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Address: Not mentioned
  • Contact: Not given
  • Domain age: 5 days
  • Delivery: 8-15 days
  • Shipping: 1-5 days
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: After returning the items back
  • Payments: PayPal

Pros of shopping from Rebadress Reviews:

  • Various designs and types of dresses available
  • High-quality material used
  • Assured warranty and returns
  • Fast delivery

Cons of shopping from Rebadress Reviews:

  • The content seems to be copied
  • No transparency is seen
  • Address and contact details are not provided
  • As per Rebadress Reviews, it is not on the internet

Is Rebadress legit?

We see that the site is active for barely five days. This makes it very necessary for the customers to look for the site deeply, deciding to use it for shopping.

As per our research, we see that the site is very new. Along with that, the information present on it seems to be copied and is incomplete. The trust index is also low.

We have mentioned all the necessary details regarding the site which the customers should be aware of. We need the customers to go through it in fact before they make any decisions regarding shopping.

Customer feedback on Rebadress:

As we could not gather Rebadress Reviews for the available products, the customers shall not trust the site. There are no valid social media links that can be trusted and considered before shopping from the site.

Along with that, we even see that barely five days is not enough time for an online shopping site to be trusted, and shopping products from it is a bad idea.

Final verdict:

After visiting the site and checking out its details on the internet, we are clear that the site is a suspicious site. Before the customers decide to shop products from any of the areas, they should go through the Rebadress Reviews.

This is because if you are shopping from a fake site, you might lose money.

Thus, we would not suggest the customer’s to shop products from this site as it is not trustworthy.

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  1. I order from them on Nov. 27,2020. $122.52 of jeans and tops. I haven’t been notified about my order update , nor have they responded to my on going e-mails in reference to the purchasing.
    They have their Monday. Ill be reported them for sure!!!

  2. I bought 4 dresses from them Dec 2020. When they showed up from China I tried them on and found that they do not fit me. Instead of giving me a refund they keep emailing me to reimburse me $4. The second email they offered me $14. Mind you I paid $151.00 for all the dresses. They are refusing to refund my money and send a return label. The quality of the dresses are horribly cheap. The threads are coming out. They itch you and smell like they’ve been in a nasty warehouse for years. When I took them out of the bag I could not stand the smell. Do not buy form them. This company is a scam!!!

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