Recall On Similac {Feb} Why FDA Puts An Official Alert!

Latest News Recall on Similac

This article describes severe germ contamination on major infant milk suppliers that resulted in the death of an infant. Read about the Recall on Similac.

Do you want to know about the initiative made by the FDA to recollect the infant formula? If yes, read till the end to know about the recent issue discussed related to the usage of baby formula.

Young parents from the United States and Canada are shocked by the official announcement of the FDA that states the risk of using the infant formula produced by major baby food suppliers. So, let’s explore all relevant aspects of the Recall on Similac.

About Instant Formula

Instant formula, popularly known by different names such as baby milk, false milk, the first milk, infant milk, baby formula, etc., is a bottle feed product for infants below one year old. The product comes in the form of a cup or bottle.

The instant formula is a partial or complete substitute for mother’s milk. Baby milk products also supply all the relevant nutrients in human milk to prevent infants from facing malnutritional health issues. As infants use the milk, the product needs to satisfy various food standards.

Recall on Similac

  • Similac is a popular infant milk product of Abbott Laboratories. Alfred Bosworth developed the product.
  • Similac is a popular Pediatric nutrition product along with PediaSure and Pedialyte.
  • The American health officials alerted the parents about using three infant formulas of the Abbott Laboratories manufactured from Michigan.
  • The official alert came after the hospitalization of four infants, including the death of an infant who consumed the formula. As a result, FDA started an investigation on the issue.
  • The infant formula got contaminated with Cronobacter sakazakiim and salmonella. This germ contamination can cause severe health issues for infants.

FDA on this Issue

  • The FDA made Recall on Similac instantly, as Abbott Laboratories is the largest American Infant formula producer.
  • The FDA initiated a recall announcement to prevent the infant product’s stoppage.
  • The expiry date mentioned on the products starts from 1st April 2022 and later makes the issue more serious.
  • FDA has stated and warned users not to use this product or powered infant formula.

What To do as a Consumer?

  • The best method is to stop providing children with the products of Abbott Laboratories until there is any further confirmation. Learn more on Recall on Similac.
  • Avoid purchasing products warned by the FDAs such as Alimentum, EleCare, and Similac.
  • The affected formulas have their product numbers containing K8, SH, Z2, or numbers from 22 to 37. In addition, these contaminated formula’s expiry date begins from 1stApril 2022.
  • The product users can also check if their product is on the recalled list by visiting their website,


Infant products, especially consumables, must have high testing before the product is supplied to the market to avoid such serious issues. To know more about this topic, please visit  .

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