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Recent Makeup Trends You Must Try

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Recent Makeup Trends: Every year we see new makeup trends emerge from the depths of Instagram and Tiktok and the innovation shows no signs of stopping. The average makeup enjoyer isn’t as professional as artists who make intricate designs on the real estate that is their eyelids, so most of these trends are cute and simple. 

Makeup is open to everyone to use to express themselves or to be appropriate in certain situations such as during an interview or before performing something. Either way, makeup is about your comfort zones and making you feel better. 

The first step to makeup is creating a healthy base of skin for the makeup by moisturizing properly and following a skincare routine. After those habits, you can also use primers to create a good setting base for your makeup. 

No matter whether you like going heavy, glamorous makeup, or more simply, natural makeup, there are all kinds of trends here for you to try and maybe fall in love with. 

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Metallic shadows 

Metallic makeup has been making a comeback outside of avant-garde photoshoots and is now playing into the whole vibe the popular show Euphoria offers. Liquid eyeshadows, powder shadows, and chrome flakes are all being developed to have better formulas that truly give wearers that shiny, futuristic aesthetic. 

These metallic looks aren’t exclusive to eyelids though, since we’ve also been seeing them used in place of highlighters, giving pops of color to your skin.

It lends a glamorous, adventurous feel to a look and is surely a head-turner. 

Consistent hues 

Another trend we’ve been seeing lately is matching lips to eyeshadow by using similar reddish-brown hues to tint both. This is often done by people who are going for a more casual yet sophisticated look that screams modernity and comfort. 

This look tends to accentuate the wearer’s natural complexion and bring harmony to a look, whilst allowing the eyes to not focus on a certain aggressive element but rather on the relationship between all the elements of a look. 


Yes, this trend had to be added because it has been making its rounds over and over for the past year or two. Faux freckles, in other words, freckles that are drawn on with a nude pencil, are still in style. 

Freckles are seen as a juvenile, fun addition to one’s face, and can give a sense of mysticism to a look, especially if you are going for a more vintage, sophisticated look. 

Eyeshadow Liner 

Using eyeshadow as eyeliner was a thing we did as 13-year-olds when our moms didn’t allow us to use heavier makeup, but it is now being done by models and celebrities to create a softer, catty look. 

This trend emerged from Tiktok and is a good casual eyeliner look if you’re looking for a blended effect that uses more of an angled brush technique rather than the eyeliner brush soaked in ink.

Fluffy eyebrows 

Fluffy eyebrows are a stark contrast to past eyebrow trends that involved strong eyebrow pomades and thick, angled brows. The fluffy brow is a trend that involves the brows being brushed up and the tip of the brow being softer but angled. 

This trend makes your eyebrows seem more luscious and natural, showing off the natural shape of your brow rather than morphing it. Fluffy brows also popularized eyebrow lamination, which involves a semi-permanent lamination of eyebrows to maintain this “fluffy” shape. 


Funky color combinations are also making the rounds this year, especially on the eyelids. First, you need to prime your eyes for the eyeshadow and then can use all the colors your heart desires. 

One combination we recommend is orange with red, yellow, and turquoise as accents, but you can do anything you find fitting. 

This look suits a bolder aesthetic that strives for a bit of attention and an array of colors. Pairing this look with shiny accessories gives it that neutral pop that balances the whole outfit out. 

Scarlet lips 

Scarlet-colored lipstick isn’t new to women, with red lipstick symbolizing power and strength for the longest time, and that hasn’t changed. This red-orange shade is a bold statement you can pair with almost anything you wear. 

It will bring focus to your face and add a fiery note to your presence. 

Lip gloss 

Lip gloss was hated for a large chunk of the past decade, but alas it has finally made a comeback since the 2000s. This shiny lip topper is now often paired with glittery eye looks, tuning down the bottom of the face for a more sophisticated look that doesn’t blind you completely. 

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