Top Trends That Will Redefine Outdoor Advertising in 2022

Latest News Redefine Outdoor Advertising

The top trends of 2022 will redefine outdoor advertising. Traditional outdoor advertising transformed when the world was hit by the pandemic. Let’s find out how it affected the market.

Trends New to Outdoor Advertising

After two years of lockdown, life is almost back to normal. Yet every aspect of it, including the outdoor or out-of-home advertising industry, has undergone major changes to adapt to current trends.

New and far more practical and engaging methods such as digital outdoor advertising were introduced to the market. Though traditional advertising mediums such as billboards and shop displays haven’t disappeared, they have certainly taken on new life. For instance, the design and manufacturing of building signs have been upgraded to fit more dynamic models of business development.

Top trends in outdoor advertising must be implemented if you want to stay on top of the charts in this fast-paced world.

Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

First in the line is an exceptionally trendy and useful medium known as digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH). Whether you’re a corporate giant run by a successful entrepreneur or a small start-up run by a group of friends, incorporating it into your marketing campaigns will take your brand to new heights.

Here are some of the various benefits you can expect:

  • Real-Time Content Delivery

At present, information is disseminated at the speed of light. You need to stay relevant and be super dynamic to get noticed by the public. You can achieve this with the least amount of effort by making use of digital ads. Substitute static ads with digital ones to gain flexibility and reach your target audience at a much faster rate.

  • Easy Transportation

Having no need to physically move ad boards from one place to another saves you the trouble of having to order new signs or hiring moving and installation crews. With digital billboards, all you have to do is rent a board, send a file to the owner and choose the most suitable hours for your ad. You’ll save time as well as cut down on unnecessary costs and material waste.

  • Unlimited Ads

There’s no limit to digital ads. Going digital means you get the chance to expand your promotional campaign and switch it up as often as you wish. A series of ads can be shown on a single screen throughout the day, targeting different groups of people at different hours.


Mastering the art of storytelling is key to excellent advertising. With a story that people can relate to, you’ll appeal to emotions and create a recognizable brand. This will help you get easily identified. Finding a perfect way to make it public is where the role of outdoor advertising comes in. Make it part of your marketing campaign and capture the attention of passersby. Create suspense by delivering information piece by piece and make people hang onto every word to get to your story’s resolution.


Innovative ideas motivate people. We look for novelty and progress in all spheres of our lives. Outdoor advertising is no exception. It increases revenue by being transformed into an engaging element that can convert strangers into clients. It’s simple psychology.

Get your message imprinted in peoples’ minds by appealing to their emotions. Offer something they can interact with and create value for both your business and your customers-to-be.

Here are some tools to do that:

  • Beacons

Beacons are radio signals that can be captured by bluetooth technology. They’re currently trending as they connect the physical world with a digital reality. They enable one-on-one communication via two different channels. How? At first, people pass by your signal. Next thing they know, your ad is on their phones. Using digital advertising to the fullest is a must in today’s virtually-inclined market so be bold and go for it.

  • Mobile

The well-known phrase “less is more” has never been more accurate. One easy yet practical way to make your advertisement reach your audience and ensure engagement is through the use of QR codes. Requiring neither unwanted expenses nor a physical space for installation, they can be used anywhere and by anyone.


Leveraging new outdoor advertising trends will make you a lead player in any business sphere. The sooner you implement these OOH trends into your marketing strategy, the more prepared you’ll be for the rollercoaster ride of the world emerging from the pandemic.

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