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Remishoes reviews – Are they duping you?

Remishoes Review

Remishoes reviews – Are they duping you? >> Read this post to have idea about remishoes as a brand value. Get info and save your money.

“A woman carries her clothes. But the shoe carries the woman.” 

Said the infamous shoe designer Christian. 

Shoes are a wonderful invention that doesn’t just protect your precious feet when you walk. They give your feet a wonderful new transformation. 

Shoes, just like your clothes, set you apart and are often used as a style statement. They range from basic flats and sportswear to extravagant heels that look an awful lot like weapons. 

There’s a little something for every occasion, something to color co-ordinate with your outfit or even your bag!

We tend to forget that everything comes with its set of pros and cons, and so does a trendy pair of shoes. A bad quality shoe could give you lifelong ailments just as much as using a, and there is no going back from there. 

Since most of our purchasing is done online, how do we tell whether the quality of the shoe we like is trash? 

Remishoes is one such online portal that sells some of the most stylish shoes, let’s find out if it’s worth our money! 

What is Remishoes? 

At first glance, Remishoes is your average run of the mill online shopping portal. They offer a wide variety of the trendiest shoes to choose from. Apart from that, they also sell women’s apparel that you can get for cheaper at a thrift store or HnM! This is a tad bit confusing as the brand’s name suggests otherwise. 

The website’s user-interface is simple, and you will find it easy to navigate around it. The black bar at the top of the page displays- Weekly Best Seller, New Arrivals, Shop Sandals, Bestsellers, Women’s shoes, etc

You will spot some of the best-looking shoe knocks offs of high-end brands such as Hermes, Gucci, and even the transparent heels by Jessica Rich. No harm there, though. 

All the products seem to have slashed prices, almost $20 less than the original price. Such marketing gimmicks are fickle, and they entice you into buying products you may not require. 

Remishoes Reviews

To be honest, the images of the shoes on the website look beautiful. As a shoe lover, I would not hold it against you if at you all you buy a pair from Remishoes. You can purchase the shoes only online. The company is currently shipping to the following countries- United States, Canada,  United Kingdom , Australia, and New Zealand.

From personal experience, I do know that rarely do you get what you see—reminding me of websites such as wish and romwe. Both low-cost clothing websites that rarely send you the product that looks remotely close to the one in the picture. 

The website has an email Id provided if you need to reach out to the customer care department. I do not see a red flag here as a lot of these fast fashion websites get the job done!  

Remishoes Customer Reviews

You will spot customer reviews on the website, but they only boast of how good the products are and how good they fit. One customer says, “Bright color and very comfortable. Daughter enjoyed wearing :)”

When purchasing online, there is always the risk of being scammed and losing your hard-earned money! So, checking up on the brand’s validity is essential. 

Which made me come across multiple articles on google that talked about, how Remishoes is scamming people?

But there are other fast fashion companies who have built their business by selling online! I wonder if the website is really scamming people! 

Final Verdict

I despise fast fashion websites as the product rarely lasts longer than three months. But for some people, the product may last longer! Shoes see a lot of wear and tear, they can be salvaged, but would you really want to spend ten more dollars to fix a 29-dollar shoe? 

You can quickly get a good pair of shoes from brands like HnM or ASOS! They, too, provide a variety, and you can even test out the fit by hitting the stores. 

It is a 2-way street, some may face a bad experience, and some won’t. You will have to check that out for yourself before finally settling on whether to buy or not. 



  1. These people ripped me off waited 2 months for the shoes i ordered they never came kept emailing them over and over and could never get a real answer now i have demanded a refund ……2 weeks ago….still waiting…..pretty sure they just robbed me.

  2. Ordered and paid for 5 pairs, received one pair. No sign of the rest, it’s been over a month. Wrote them an email, they responded back with “coming soon” but that was 3 weeks ago. Probably got screwed here.

  3. Ordered 2 pairs of shoes, well over a month ago, sent email for REFUND, and i get back “stuck in customs” ….. still waiting…l’m quite sure I was robbed as well

  4. Ordered my shoes a month ago . Let’s jus say I’m pissed. They are lucky I only spent $30. Just by reading the reviews I’ll never get my shoes as well.

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