Renovation Island Website {August} Would This Be Helpful!

Renovation Island Website 2020

Renovation Island Website {August} Would This Be Helpful! >> Fond of paradise view from your cozy beachfront villa, read the review here.

So, are you up for some real fun in Paradise? Then you must check this Renovation Island Website without any further hesitation!!

Travelling has become a passion for so many of us, and we want to see the world while we are still breathing. It has become so essential when it comes to travelling, and we are just planning for any possible trip we can have shortly. But if you are also tired of visiting cities, you can plan for a tropical paradise vacation. 

A perfect view from your mesmerizing resort in the lap of nature!! Sounds too good, aren’t it? Life has its twist and turns, but enjoying it to the fullest is our choice. So hey, let get a trip to Renovation Island Website through its brand new HGTV series of the United States

What is Renovation Island? 

In 2019, the Island of Bryan crossed all the records of the ”most-watched reality show” in the history of Canadian HGTVs episodes. After this, the United States is deciding to on-air the show under the title Renovation Island. The premiere of the show was on 7 June 2020. 

Apart from that, Renovation Island is a 2.0 version of a 90’s90’s island resort. This renovation is headed by the ace contractors of Canada- The Baeumlers. In 2017, Bryan and Sarah Baeumlers were on a trip to the Bahamas, where they made the life-changing decision! The decision was to renovate the entire antique resort into the top-most vacation place of the world. The Canadian HGTV monitored their journey, and now it is a massive part of the United States HGTV series. This HGTV series under Renovation Island’s name is the journey of the ups and downs of Baeumler’s family, who have moved into the island to renovate it. 

History of the Real Island

The 90’s90’s era resort is under the name ”Emerald Palms”. The resort has its roots in the South Andros Island of Bahamas from 1960. The Baeumler family moved into the resort in the year 2018 and started rebuilding it. The resort has 18 rooms and 22 villas over the property of 10 acres. In the first couple of days, the family lives in the boat and later shifts to a villa on the same property. The HGTV started filming the family, and it’s a team in the year 2018, and the premiere was released in 2019. 

Season one was a huge success that covers six months of renovation, and the second season of eight-episode will be on-air in the coming winters. 

The resort had its phase 1 opening in December 2019 with 18 suites and six villas. Currently, the resort is close due to COVID 19. 

Features of Renovation Island

  • There will be 18 hotel rooms and 22 suites.
  • You will enjoy the paradise view in the lap of nature.
  • It will have a superb clubhouse.
  • It will provide facilities like a spa, pool bar, dining area, play space, and many more.
  • Palm forests and beaches will surround you. 
  • You can enjoy fishing, snorkel, and scuba diving. 
  • It offers kayaks and bicycles to explore its beauty. 
  • It also has a conference center for official meetings.
  • The place is available for wedding and event packages. 
  • They also provide west side mangrove tour of Andros. 
  • They provide the experience of exploring the blue holes and folklore. 

What are people saying about Renovation Island? 

Renovation Island is the journey shown by the HGTV of the United States. The resort is going to re-open on 24 October 2020. And the HGTV season is on the success trip but how far is the resort suitable for you? 

Renovation Island Website is showing tremendous growth in catching people’s attention. The reviews of guests who have already stayed in this brand-new beach resort is fantastic. And people are giving crazy reviews on all social media handles of Caerula Mar Club. 

Final Verdict

Renovation Island Website under the name Caerula Mar Club is opening in this October. And it seems that you must check out its facilities and reserve a package for yourself soon. The room’s per-night prices are $385, and a private beach villa will cost you $865. The pandemic was the reason for closing the resort after only six months of operating. And now it is re-opening itself with new packages and facilities. 

There are several sites where families explain their enjoyable stay in the resort, and now it is your turn.

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