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Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021 (Aug) Get Updates!

Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021 (Aug) Get Updates! >> Do you want to know about the matches? Read the news below and get the details on the same.

Are you aware of Matchday 5 and the details of the matches? Well, you can know regarding it through the content that is provided below.

Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021 shows that the Liga MX dispute is the first doubleheader of the season.

The matches have only three undefeated teams: America, Raydos of Monterrey, and the Santos Laguna.

The matches are watched by the people of Mexico, United States enthusiastically.

What is the news about?

Day 5 of the game is to start on August 17. It started with four games. The first game of this match was in 17 hours.

The matches that are held on the day 5 are based on the result of 4 day matchers. That are listed as Atletico De San Luis scores 0-2 over Necaxa, Juarez 1-12 Xolos, Cruz Azul 4-0 Toluca, Puebla 1-1 Tigers, Pumas 0-0 Queretaro, Atlas 0-1 America, Santos 0-0 Chivas.

Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021 shows that the Caliente Stadium witnessed a match between the Xolos and the Camoteros, which ended up as a tie in the matches. First, Tijuana was seen ahead through Lucas Rodriguez, but Puebla was seen again with a tie at 70 when Guillermo Martinez did the goal.

Necaxa 3-0 Cougars score shows that the Necaxa did a counterattack. Aguirre took the ball in the half-court and took control over it.

Next, the Pumas were seen desperate, and Alan Mozo sweeps himself to take the yellow card in the midfield. To get more details regarding it and know the leaders of the match, read ahead.

Important points regarding the Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021:

  • The America team is the competition leader with overall 10 points and after three wins and a draw.
  • On the other hand, the sub-leadership is shared by the Toluca and the Leon, and it has a balance of three wins with one setback.
  • After the four dates, the scoring leadership involves three footballers. Two among these are Mexican. The players are Santiago Gimenex, Alejandro Zendejas and the Uruguayan.
  • All of them have three goals, and apart from this, 14 elements with two goals.

Views of people on Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021:

We see that the Liga MX matches held this year are the 74th professional season of the football league in Mexico.

The season is divided into Toneo Guardanes 2020 and the Torneo Guardanes 2021. Eighteen teams participate in it.

Moreover, we see that the team leading in these matches is America.

The bottom line:

As per our research, we find that several teams are participating in the tournament  and the 5th-day match will be held based on the results of the 4th day.

Thus, we recommend the users watch the match Resultados Jornada 5 Liga MX 2021 and enjoy the play.

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