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Latest News Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21

Chapter 36 of Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21 is out now. Read the plot, reviews, and summaries.

The Korean novel ‘The return of a Disaster-Class Hero’ is back in the news as new chapters have been released. Though chapters are released in a span of a very short time, their higher rating is something that keeps the novel in the news. The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21 is widely liked and appreciated in Brazil and the United States, where love for Koreans is increasing rapidly. Today, we will discuss the plot, ratings, and newest released chapters of the novel. 

The Plot of the Novel

As the novel’s title indicates, there was once supposed to be the strongest Hero on Earth. He died, and how would he be coming back if he found a way to return. The catastrophe was impending as he returned to life after 20 years. He has vowed that the Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21 would not let them get scot-free by killing him. He shall be after them now. 

The plot is simple yet complex. It indicates that while the dead cannot speak in their defense, the living can make any story about them and occupy wealth, inheritance, and fame through the lies they tell to the world. The story can only change if a dead person comes back to life, which has happened here. The novel, therefore, has a different name as well- Return of the Catastrophic Hero. The novel has not yet been completely translated, and the story is on.

Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21: Ratings, Criticisms, and Reviews

The novel was released in 2019. There are 490 chapters released so far. The English publisher Wuxiaworld is consistently publishing and releasing new chapters. The novel is rated at 3.1/5, which is quite appreciable for a foreign translated anime novel. Chapter 36 of the Return of the Disaster- Class Hero was released on 23rd December, 2021. The novel has 90k monthly views and qualifies for genres like Action, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, and Shounen. 

The Latest Episode

Chapter 36 is released and is full of action. There are appreciations, like its predecessors, for its graphics. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21 is getting loved in America, and people appreciate the daily release of chapters. It has been a success so far, given that it is a translated novel from Korean. The translations are also good and adapting. The going is all good, and the suspense shall be underway as the story progresses. 


The Return of the Disaster-Class Hero is among the most read anime graphic novels three years after its release. The story of how a person, who was once regarded as the strongest, dies and then returns to life after twenty years only finds how people who killed the Return of the Disaster-Class Hero 21 have amassed wealth on false stories and blatant lies. To know more, see Return of the Disaster-Class Hero – Shield Manga   

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