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Revenge Sleep Procrastination (Jan) All Details Inside!

Revenge Sleep Procrastination (Jan) All Details Inside! >> Do you delay sleep time to feel relaxed or free at night? Then take care that you are facing a dangerous phenomenon.

Revenge Sleep Procrastination: Hey! Everyone, we all went through the difficult pandemic phase, almost a year we spent in lockdown. We know how difficult it was. Most teenagers getting addicted to cell phones, social media, and watching their favorite shows late at night.

Sleep procrastination is a phenomenon many encounter globally, including in the United States. So here we brought what it is exactly, the reasons behind it and how to stop it. Please continue reading to get complete information.

What is Revenge Sleep Procrastination?

Let us see the simple definition of Procrastination first. It is a phenomenon where you delay something important or useful and actively get involved in doing something else you know you should not be doing. In 2014 the Netherlands researcher defined sleep procrastination as “while nothing stops a person from going to bed at the right time, but external circumstances prevent.”

Later the social media added the word revenge to it and became viral over the internet, which means “suffering from night resentful.” If you got into this trap of Revenge Sleep Procrastination and have a disturbed sleep pattern or spend hours using smartphones, then know the reasons behind it in the below section.

Reasons for This?

  • Some research says it is due to lower self-discipline.
  • Many teenagers are mindlessly scrolling down and spending lots of time on various social media platforms.
  • Due to day time tight schedule, people opt for bedtime for their personal free time.

Some Self-Tips to Stop It

Sleep is the best meditation; every person needs good sleep daily to stay active throughout the day. Want to stay away from the Revenge Sleep Procrastination? Follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Decide and give firm bedtime and fix the particular time to watch TV shows.
  • Read a novel instead of spending hours watching mobile phones.
  • Don’t bring your office home. Yes, taking a laptop and office work during bedtime ruins your comfortable sleep.
  • Cultivate a habit of early to bed early to rise.
  • Stop using or, more suitably, less using social media is the best option.
  • Try to add some fitness routine to your day time like yoga, walking or meditation which reduces your stress and gives you a good sleep. 

What do people say about Bedtime Procrastination?

Creating awareness about bedtime procrastination is necessary among people, and many want to know about it. 

The phrase from a well-known United States Journalist, Daphne K. Lee, went viral over the internet. She says, “Revenge Sleep Procrastination is a process in which people don’t control their day time routine and refuse to sleep to gain some sense of freedom during the late bedtime.”

Final Verdict

In a self-revenge manner, staying up late at night is what revenge bedtime procrastination is. Because of our busy daytime routine, we feel bedtime is where we get time for ourselves and can do whatever we love. Unfortunately, we are falling into a trap due to which we need to face health issues and disturbed sleep patterns. Please take care of yourself by following a healthy routine.

You can also add your words in the comments section below if you know anything about Revenge Sleep Procrastination.

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