Principal logic behind Dodbuzz is easy; however, the practical aspect is complex. After giving several hours in research, we are offering you the outcomes in form of our posts. As a result of all that, you gain the necessary trust level for that company whose services or products, you love to order.

For the faultless flow of this process, we have one set of editorial-guidelines; guidelines to dictate how one should write. Below is the summary of vital points of those editorial-guidelines – 

  1. Being Fair In Our Approach

Yes, we don’t write to glorify any product or tear down any brand. We stick to the being fair mindset. And, this helps us to analyze both the bad as well as good. 

Certainly, such review writing with an open mindset offers an accurate result and raises trust level for us.

  1. Editorial Autonomy

Our content is independent of brands around which we post. One will always notice that our content is just serving to our readers and not to any brands.

In case, any company contacts us and asks for sharing review about the available services or products, we suggest that brand to check our process. And, that brand will be able to understand about our core approach of unbiased review.

We love to have our editorial autonomy, instead of having a huge amount for positive review.

  1. Affiliate Based Revenue System

Livelihood of Dodbuzz is not totally based on affiliate income. Out of our hundreds of reviews, you will notice that 70% are not having any affiliate links.

We don’t work to steer our readers to products that pays us our bread and butter. Actually, we offer observations relied on facts and expert opinions.

  1. Accurate Information

We rely only over experts or prestigious websites to share solid information with our readers. Our editors work with great care while researching about the concerned service or product.

When it is about the matters of health and money, we always take the side of experts in medical and financial sectors. We understand that a small size fake theory and irresponsible act can be a great danger to your well-being.

  1. Writing Is A Craft

Writing Craft is not available with all humans. We are having experts in our Dodbuzz team with this super ability of writing. We value their creativeness to share valuable information in the post and that leads to your better experience on this website.

  1. Quality Analysis & Control

Our each post passes a genuine editorial process. Hence, we cross checked the accuracy of all shared facts in our reviews. Every post will first be reviewed by a team of Dodbuzz editorial staff and then it will be published over this website. 

In case, one brand contacts us regarding the inclusion of outdated information about its products, we immediately respond and try to provide updated as well as accurate information in the concerned review post.

Guidelines For Review

What Are Our Goals Behind Dodbuzz Reviews?

  • To assist people in finding trustworthy product or service
  • To develop one good-size community
  • To offer our readers with beneficial tips 
  • To share about scams and all kind of fraudulent acts

What All Can Be Reviewed on Dodbuzz?

  • Online Services
  • Beauty Products
  • Electronics Products
  • Health Products
  • Financial Services
  • Garden Decoration Products and Services
  • Home Decoration Products and Services
  • Real Estate Services
  • Online Software
  • Online Income Opportunities

What Qualities Termed As One Great Review Post?

  • Offering a truly personal experience 
  • Facts sharing by truthful accounts 
  • Ultimate goal of review is helping others
  • Passionate about shared topic
  • Detail, detail, detail
  • Well-formatted post using multiple paragraphs 
  • Without spelling errors & grammatical errors

What Factors Result in The Poor Review Post?

  • No tolerance for hate speech, profanity, etc.
  • No tolerance for plagiarism in your review post
  • Promotional reviews for commercial benefit
  • Writing reviews for promoting your business; Self-promotion
  • Attempt for giving artificial boost to the rating by hiring third parties 

What Is Our Approach About Negative Experience?

  • We accept negative experience reviews based on true facts
  • However, we appreciate your interest should first be in making things right.  We recommend to trying for resolution of the issue with concerned company. If you are posting your review after this, your post will have more facts as well as insight of that company support team too.
  • Remember, your false information may lead to facing legal ramifications (Check this link for more information:

Does Dodbuzz Remove Reviews?

Yes, we can remove some reviews if those are not complying with our set guidelines. In case, a reviewer wants us to delete its previously posted review.

We don’t delete posted reviews because some company does not love the posted opinion of consumer. We understand that everyone should have right to post their opinion.

Does Our Team Review Each Submitted Review to the Website?

Each user need to register and verify the email. Reviews submitted from the users will be read and also, assessed by our team. If user had not verified the email, submitted review from that user will not be assessed.

Our team members dedicate a reasonable time in reviewing each submitted review from verified users. Their efforts result in relevant as well as genuine informative posts those are complied with our guidelines.

Henceforth, one submitted review may take around seven business days to be published over our website.

Does Dodbuzz Edit Submitted User Reviews Before Publishing?

Well, we need to edit in few cases. As mentioned above, our team assesses submitted review before posting it over Dodbuzz. The team might notice few instances of profanity and act to censor it. They might replace your words with few family-friendly words.

Undoubtedly, few grammatical and spelling mistakes might come. Certainly, proof read is required to fix errors and also, to make the review post more user-friendly.

However, we never change the yield of review post; one’s opinion!

Will Few Kind Of Reviews Never Be Published Over Dodbuzz?

Well, the answer of this question is Yes. We avoid publishing those reviews which are not complying with above shared review guidelines. We request to understand the big picture. Our goal is set to offer the most relevant and genuine information to all the readers.

We love to publish all reviews i.e. negative reviews or positive reviews, having compliance with our set guidelines. Certainly, they need to be based on facts.

Each user must have a registered account and verified email. One will get account activation link by an automated system. If user’s email is not actually verified and user is submitting a review, it will never be published.

Let’s explain it in more details. Following are the majorly possible reasons of unpublished status of submitted review.

Reason 1: Consumers Can Not Submit Reviews on Services and Products Which They Have Never Used

According to our guidelines, one needs to be the consumer of that product or services before submitting reviews over that. Yes, one must have purchased that product. We can’t count user as an eligible one for an effective review without that. Many times, we noticed reasonable signs to understand that user had not used this product and even never ordered it.

Of course, we are thankful to our users for giving time over our website. However, we will not publish such reviews.

One kind of review is one valid when user has purchased the product but never used that one. In some cases, users might have ordered the product which they have never received due to customer service issues, billing and shipping concerns.

Such scenario actually entitles users to share reviews about their experiences.

Reason 2: Reviews Are Irrelevant

As shared above that we asses each posted review coming from our users. We sometimes also received content that can be counted as completely mess-around or totally irrelevant. Henceforth, we disregard those posted reviews.

In most cases, we can easily identify the conveyed message. Of course, there might be some errors. We can edit those parts. But, there might be few posted reviews which are not easy to understand and our team counts them irrelevant. In those cases, we simply avoid publishing those reviews.

We promise to all of you that we actually tried at our best to understand. We value your time and understand the significance of posted truthful review. However, nothing can work out all the times.

Reason 3: Posting Via Hired Third Parties Or Acting As Consumers 

We will never publish reviews posted by hired people. We found it a disappointing market practice to beat the competition. Yes, lots of business owners paid people to accumulate a big number of negative reviews on review websites. We like the presence of unhappy consumers of a bad brand, but not the hired people means third parties acting as a consumer. Vice-a-versa, we don’t want to accumulate a big number of positive reviews by these fake consumes to beat certain competitors.

As negative reviews posted by fake consumers increase, this practice directly hurts our efforts to maintain the core value of Dodbuzz. We are here to offer accurate information and never publish reviews to glorify or tear apart a genuine business team’s hard work. 

Hence, our review team raises red flags over those submitted reviews which were posted using Proxy Servers and they will never get published. Our team addresses issues on individual case basis. We go extra mile to filter third party reviews out of genuine reviews.

Reason 4: Zero Tolerance for Fake Reviews – Violation of Our Guidelines 

We go extra mile to filter out all non-genuine reviews. Our team gives reasonable time to each review posted by verified users. You must have read about verified users in above shared content. We emailed all registered users the link of account activation to confirm their email address.

This is our policy to safeguard integrity of all posted consumer reviews. Other than this, we do manual assessment of all posted reviews. However, we might get some recently discoverable information about any published review and that can lead to removal of that review post due to the fraudulent user intent.

Remember, submission of fake review is not a favorable act. We are really keen to halt all such conduct and we are regularly updating our technology to control such practice over Dodbuzz.

Reason 5: Second Review About Same Product– No Chance

As per our guidelines, we do not allow second review submission about that same product or service by a single user. In case, user wants to update the existing review, user can do so. Any user can login to the registered account and see the list of submitted reviews. Over there, one can select and update the desired review. Here, you can get the opportunity to update the review title, given star rating and even also, the whole content of posted review.

Conclusive Remark

As a Dodbuzz team, we are having one goal of offering accurate as well as genuine information for our readers. Yes, we are learning and actually evolving on daily basis. However, we can’t assure you for 100% accuracy. Yes, it is true. Moreover, we can strive for controlling fake reviews, commercial reviews and submission of non-genuine theories over this website.

Henceforth, Dodbuzz team has total authority of not publishing any content that does not go well with our review guidelines, appears fake one, and offers no value to our readers.

We recommend reading this whole page again before submitting your review over Dodbuzz. In case of any concern, please write to use;  admin@dodbuzz{dot}com.