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Reviewing TheWiSpy {Aug} Best Spy App for Android Smartphones >> Spyware apps have emerged in the last decade to spy on smartphones. People use the best android spying apps in 2021 to track their children, office employees and to prevent themselves from cybercrimes. It has helped in reducing a considerable number of problems caused by the Internet. 

TheWiSpy has been a superior choice for spying legally around the globe. It offers residential and commercial tracking services to people. If you are concerned about how to function, install, or know which spyware app for android is authentic, this review will benefit you. 

What is TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is spyware software that provides services for people to spy on smart devices easily. It is highly recommended among 140+ countries with thousands of users. The reason behind TheWiSpy app popularity is outstanding results, a web-based interface, and easy-to-use functionality. 

TheWiSpy is unbeatable by providing unlimited spy features to its users within one app. You can track calls, find locations, record audio, and monitor online activity under one roof. The app works hard and provides updated features from time to time, making it number one in the competition.  


  • TheWiSpy is a secure and reliable app
  • Highly compatible with android devices
  • Undetectable functionality 
  • Powerful spy features
  • Easy to use interface


  • TheWiSpy doesn’t offer free trials 

How does TheWiSpy work?

If you want TheWiSpy to work, then you need a smartphone, or tablet with a web browser on it. The purpose of TheWiSpy is to track the target device. That’s why the app is installed on the target smartphone. The mobile user can’t detect TWS because it hides the minute it is installed on the phone. 

You need to provide all permissions to the app when you are finished installing it so you won’t face any problems in the future while spying. Finally, the best spy app for android is ready to fetch information from the mobile to the dashboard There are three things to focus on while understanding how the app works: the following. 

No rooting:

Most spy apps require rooting before installing the app on the phone, but it generates many cyber threats for the phone. Apart from that, this process requires time and resources, and then you can install it. On the other hand, TheWiSpy doesn’t require any rooting. Instead, you can directly install it on your child’s phone with the given URL. 

Runs in stealth mode:

TheWiSpy makes itself disappear virtually when it starts operating on the phone. It is an excellent quality that free spy apps that work remotely have so that the mobile user won’t notice anything while using the device. If you want to track your child in secrecy, then TWS is the best fit for you. 

Quality spy results:

You may feel that TheWiSpy is a simple spy app so that it won’t provide extraordinary results, but I suppose you might be wrong. With top-notch technology and modern designed features, TheWiSpy offers quality spy results. In addition, you can remotely control a device using its features and get real-time results. 

TheWiSpy app features:

TheWiSpy offers a range of top-quality features that you can use during spying. 

Call tracking:

You can track call logs using TheWiSpy call tracking feature. It gives you access to view the call duration, call history, caller details, and timestamps. You can get call alerts if you want using this feature. For example, if you’re worried that your kid is contacting a bully or calling your child, you can set an alert. Every time they’ll call on their device, you’ll get a message or email. You can then block the contact or ensure that your children don’t panic or get in trouble. 

TheWispy Call tracking

Message tracking:

Messaging has taken place as the primary communication source in youth; instead of calling, they send texts to their friends or family. Because it’s quick and you can wait until the person gets back to you. That makes an additional challenge for parents as they need to monitor their kids’ day-to-day messaging activity. TheWiSpy offers a message tracking feature where you can read message history and block contacts as well. 

Whatsapp spy:

Whatsapp is a social media app that offers texting, video, and audio calling services. It is one of the most significant sources to connect with friends and family. TheWiSpy has updated its technology and now offers exceptional WhatsApp spy feature. You can see the exchanged chats and calls as well in the app. In addition, the app allows you to listen to the audio message sent by someone and block a contact remotely. 

TheWispy Whatsapp spy

GPS tracking:

If you are a parent to a teenager, you must face the difficulty of tracking your child daily. Unfortunately, it is an age where kids don’t take their parents’ restrictions seriously and end up making bad decisions. That’s why the GPS tracking feature is beneficial for monitoring kids. TheWiSpy will detect their live location and send you updates in seconds. You can view the history of the visited places they’ve been in the past few days. 


Geofencing is a feature that can block specific areas on a device’s map. Using free spy apps that work remotely, you can put these restrictions on your children’s smartphones. TheWiSpy will set alerts that will be generated when your kid will enter the blocked area. If you work at night and you can’t monitor kids, then you can use this feature. Then, whenever they step out of the house, you’ll know right away. 

App tracking:

Applications like social media apps, entertainment apps, gaming apps are installed on every smartphone. You can monitor the ongoing activity of these apps using TheWiSpy tracking feature. For example, if you want to know what is going in your kid’s online life, you can log in to their accounts using the best spy app for android. You can view their feed, chats, search history, and you can block accounts as well.  

Web browser history control:

The Internet offers thousands of websites where you can access all types of content. There are entertainment sites, gaming sites, chatting sites, information sites, and adult content sites. Teenagers start to explore destructive content online because they get curious. 

It is a dangerous thing, and the reason is that watching these types of things can affect their mental health. Apart from that, if they’ll become addicted to it, it can harm their future. So, you should monitor what they have an approach to on the Internet using web browser history control. You can view the web history, saved cookies, and block inappropriate websites, so there is no chance for kids to access illicit media. 

Key logger:

You don’t have to worry about your kid changing passwords of their phone and accounts anymore. TheWiSpy offers a key logger feature that stores all the typed information on its database. It includes account details, passwords, and other data. 

Whenever you need to view what’s going on in your target’s social media account, you can enter using this information and monitor them. You can set alerts for bad words using this helpful app—for example, the word, nudes, harassment, suicide, and other such terms. When your child sends or receives such texts, you’ll get alerts through TheWiSpy. 

Multimedia spy:

There are files, audio, videos, pictures stored in the target phone. You can access multimedia files using this feature. It will help you read, see, or listen to such files and transfer them to your device through an online dashboard. Today’s generation trusts people easily, and when they meet someone online, they start sharing personal stuff with them. 

Cybercrime is rising because of the same reason; teens share their private pictures and videos with strangers. Then end up getting harassed or blackmailed. You can delete such files from your children’s phones using free spy apps that work remotely and save them. 

Camera spy:

TheWiSpy has extraordinary remote features that include a camera spy. It is used to take pictures of live events using the target’s camera while sitting remotely. If you know that your daughter or son is meeting with their harasser without telling you, then you can use this feature. You can make sure they’re safe using visual help from the spy app. The clicked pictures are then uploaded on the dashboard, where you can download them as well. 

TheWispy Camera spy

Surround recording:

TheWiSpy uses the microphone of the target device to record audio from the surrounding. It is a remote and massively used spyware feature that helps you listen to the surroundings within the device parameters. For example, monitoring your employees can help you listen to the meeting happening with your competitors to ensure your employee isn’t deceiving you. 

Calendar and contacts spy:

You can spy on the target phone’s calendar and contact list using these features. It is crucial to monitor the calendar because people set alarms for important dates. When you use this feature, the app will send you alerts as well. You can be as involved in your child’s life as you want, even when they don’t share stuff. You can view all the saved contacts, including their details. The app helps you block connections as well.

How to use TheWiSpy?

You can install TheWiSpy on any smartphone that can support the app. Furthermore, TheWiSpy is supported by all devices that have an OS of 4.0 and a higher version. Thus, you can use the best android spying app 2021 on smartphones and tablets with internet access. 

For using TWS, you have to install it on the target phone and hide it. Then you’ll get a TWS account to monitor everything remotely. You don’t have to install TheWiSpy on your device. Instead, you can use the web interface. Let’s take you through small steps to understand how you can use TWS. 

  1. Login to the TheWiSpy dashboard and click start monitoring
  2. The features will be activated after that
  3. You can click on any feature and start tracking
  4. The spied information is visible on the dashboard

How to install TheWiSpy?

You should have two things to install TheWiSpy. First, you must have a subscription to the TWS plan, and second, you should have physical access to the device. You can follow these steps carefully to get the app on the device. 

  • Register yourself for TheWiSpy account
  • You’ll get an email with account details and installation URL
  • Then you can click the URL or copy it and place it into a web browser 
  • TheWiSpy app will start downloading
  • And now TheWiSpy will hide in the target phone.
  • Now access a browser on your device and access TheWiSpy dashboard
  • You are all set to start monitoring remotely 

How much TheWiSpy cost?

TheWiSpy is not free spy app that works remotely, but it does offer affordable price plans for all your spying needs. In addition, you have the choice to subscribe to the software for as long as you want that will have exceptional features. The plans may differ by time and money, but it includes the same services so you won’t have to compromise in terms of quality. 

Price plans:

The features are explained in detail above in this review so that we won’t be adding them here. However, the price plans and range of subscription is given below. 

  • Standard plan:

The standard plan includes advanced features such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, text monitoring, etc. Therefore, it is suitable for remote monitoring at reasonable pricing. 

  • One-month plan:
  • $29.99
  • Three-month plan:
  • $59.99
  • Six-month plan:
  • $89.99

Premium plan:

Premium plans include remote services where you can monitor and make changes in the files as well. You can also block and record things with this plan.

  • One-month plan:
  • $39.99
  • Three-month plan:
  • $69.99
  • Six-month plan:
  • $89.99

Platinum plan:

TheWiSpy has introduced its platinum plan for high-profile spying. It includes updated and brand new features along with all the remote features. 

  • One-month plan:
  • $69.99
  • Three-month plan:
  • $119.99
  • Six-month plan:
  • $149.99


TheWiSpy is a high-quality spyware app for android that runs smoothly in the target device without disturbing device performance. Moreover, you can subscribe to a specific price plan and make it according to individualized needs. So you don’t have to waste your resources or money to get an app that doesn’t fulfill your needs. 

TheWiSpy offers reliable customer support that will answer your every query related to functionality and technical problems. It is updating its features with the advanced technology of smart devices so you can spy without any restrictions. All you need is TheWiSpy to get control of your child’s online life and save them from cyber threats. TheWiSpy is a worthy app compared to other expensive apps with a complex interface.


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