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Rimler V Postmates Legit (Sep 2021) All Details Inside!

The guide shares details to let readers know if Rimler V Postmates Legit lawsuit or a scam to target people.  

Many people in the United States receive notices prompting them to submit a claim on or before 2nd Nov 2021 to become eligible to receive money from a Class Action Settlement involving the courier services, Postmates. 

All users of the Postmates mobile application in California who used the app for courier services between 3rd June 2017 and 1st Jan 2021 are eligible to submit their claim for the Class Action Settlement to receive money.

Now users are taking the discussion forums to ask if Rimler V Postmates Legit or a scam. 

What is Rimler V Postmates Class Action Settlement?

A proposed Class Action Settlement has been submitted in the court against some present and former courier services involving Postmates mobile app in California, United States. The claim alleged that couriers must classify their employees, and Postmates has dishonored labor law provisions by classifying the courier delivery drivers as improper independent contractors. 

Plaintiffs claim that the people used for completing the deliveries were classified as independent contractors by the courier service, Postmates. But, the company denies the allegations and confirms that the people used for completing deliveries were appropriately classified as independent contractors. But, the court has not come to any conclusion yet. 

Is Rimler V Postmates Legit or a Scam?

After evaluating the official website postmatescaliforniasettlement.com, we have found answers to different queries, and it seems to be legit and not a scam. Therefore, residents who used the Postmates mobile application for accepting and completing the courier deliveries between 3rd June 2017 and 1st Jan 2021 are eligible for submitting the Class Action Settlement.

Plaintiff Jacob Rimler filed the case in San Francisco County Superior Court on 5th July 2018, and other plaintiffs were added later in the case. 

The notice recipients need to submit their claims on postmatescaliforniasettlement.com to receive the money if the proposed lawsuit is approved in court. So, people asking if Rimler V Postmates Legit or scam must know that it is a legitimate notice they are receiving to submit the claim for Class Action Settlement.                  

Who Is Included in the Class Action Settlement?

Apart from the main plaintiff Jacob Rimler, many others are included in the lawsuit. Later in the case, the plaintiffs are Giovanni Jobes, Joshua Albert, Kellyn Timmerman, Dora Lee, Ralph John Hicket, Junior Steven Jones, Melanie Anne Winns, Windey Santana, and more. 

Since Rimler V Postmates Legit and not a scam, others are also included. It includes the users who signed the agreement with Postmates to use their platform as an independent contractor to provide the courier delivery services to consumers and used the platform as an independent contractor for delivery across California between 3rd June 2017 and 1st Jan 2021.

How Are People Reacting?

Recipients of the notice were taking the discussion forum to evaluate the authenticity of the messages. Many users have received the notification message. Some users have commented that it is legit and urged others to read the court findings and check the case number.   

So, they consider it a legit lawsuit. 

Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, it is clear whether Rimler V Postmates Legit or scam. So, if you have also received the notification message, kindly submit your claim at the official website postmatescaliforniasettlement.com or by visiting the online claim submission page.  

Have you received the notice for claim submission? Then, please share how you submitted the claim form in the comment box. 

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