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Rinseffin Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It?

Rinseffin Reviews 2020

Rinseffin Reviews [April] – Should Anyone Buy From It? >> Read our review post about this ecommerce website! Avoid scams by making habit of reading reviews before placing your first order!

The Internet is one of the best conveniences that is available today by which we can buy online by sitting at home. You can order any product of your choice from any online shop. There are several online shops related where you can do all the household shopping by any electronic device. But what if that online shop is a fake one? There are many online stores like which sell products like furniture, dog house, drill machine and all varieties of tools.

There are thousands of varieties of products that sell; they also sell small agriculture machine and tractor which you can use it for small farming or cultivating or use it for cleaning. They also have a battery-operated toy car for kids at an unbelievable price. The price of any product is cheap in if you compare it with the market price.

There are lots of confusing rinseffin reviews and information available, but in this article, we will provide legit information to verify the legitimacy of the website. Most of the comments are found against the rinseffin website. People have to avoid all those websites, which all are not having positive reviews; it can be easily check with google reviews. The website must contain a proper email address and physical address.

What is

The website sells thousands of products for kids, men, and all ages. The customer can purchase a drill machine, cutter, mini tractor, mini bull dowser, and mini excavator. So, you don’t have to hire any service for excavation on for little work for your garden. All this mobile is available at the least price.

The company is also selling toy cars for kids, pet houses, rinseffin furniture, raised garden bed, and poultry cage all at affordable prices. is more than any ordinary online shopping website because it is selling not only for men and women but also for animals for cultivation and excavation purposes. 

Few of the awkward point to be noted on the website is that, although it is more than any ordinary online shopping store, it lacks in its authenticity. This website is hiding its identity and willing to put forward its website as the United States website. The email address provided by the website is itself a joke; they are using the Gmail domain server, and the name they are using is inappropriate.

According to the website, they are also selling children’s playground, and tools and machinery used during construction work. But the price at which they are selling is unbelievable due to the low cost. It is quite difficult to purchase those items at a very cheap rate unless it is second hand. All these points make the website suspicious.

The machinery tools and parts are not that cheap as showing on the website. The website is also having issues with their website; it is not working correctly. It looks like it is made with some cheap software, it is not able to upload its page on the internet easily. They don’t have any registered address of their office.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • You can have wide varieties of products on machinery, tools, and toolbox
  • Children playground, poultry cage, chicken coop, pet house are some of the unique items available at at very cheap price
  • The company is giving 14 days return guarantee, which means if you don’t like the product, then the company will refund your full amount
  • Free shipping is available on purchase of products over $70
  • Company is taking orders from anywhere, from outside the country also.

Cons of

  • Company is not having an appropriate email id; its mail id seems fake.
  • They don’t have any address of thier office, and it is not good that the company is hiding its details.
  • Products are available at low cost compared to the real price of the product which sounds unrealistic
  • Customers have reported about the website that it is a fake website
  • The customer care number is not working

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The company is giving 14 days return guarantee only if the product remains in its original packaging. 
  • Any damage to the product will cost you the fine from your refund of 30%
  • No cancellation after the order is placed because the company sends the product directly from the warehouse for delivery
  • The refund amount will be credited to the customer’s account within 20 days


The feedbacks and rinseffin reviews by the consumers are not found positive. We tried our best to share facts in an unbiased way in this post, and its main purpose is to guide consumers.

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    1. Rick, this company is a scam. Cannot get a hold of them. Now the internet shows them as a phishing site and warns you before you enter. They took us for some money, and we cancelled the order before shipping with in 15 mins of ordering on line and still waiting for or monies. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  1. I ordered the raised garden bed and received no confirmation email. I emailed the company but got no response. I am worried the money I sent is gone and I will get no product ordered.

    1. I also ordered the raised bed on apr 3. Shipping says 18 to 30 days. So I’m being patient in hopes I’ve not been taken for a ride! Has anyone received anything they have ordered?

  2. I purchased a patio set never received it and never got my money back. No number for customer service. I feel like a fool trying to get a good deal for my 60th birthday. Never ever again, this will make it bad for the next vendor with me. Never buy online again

  3. What can you do if you bought something and then after got a “phishing” Warning? Purchased chicken coop for $77.90? need help! I just purchased it April5th.. so I don’t know if I will get it or not.. they already took the money from my card.. !!

  4. I ordered patio furniture and no confirmation email or nothing. So I find is scam. So what I should do. They took my money. Please help.

  5. I ordered patio furniture and havent gotten it or an email I hope I didnt get scammed What do I do?

  6. Total scam, even paid extra for 7-10 day shipping. I feel embarrassed! I wish bad karma on whoever you are for scamming people!

  7. I ordered patio furniture. Got no e-mail conformation…tried e-mailing them…came back to me…no such address.
    What an idiot I am,

  8. Like many others I ordered outdoor furniture that never arrived. I contacted my bank and make a fraud report. My bank has already replaced the money in my account as a temporary deposit while they investigate. I hope this helps, Good luck to all of you

  9. I ordered the raised garden bed as well and did not receive a confirmation email. After not receiving the product, I disputed the charge with my credit card company. We shall see what happens. Also, the charge on my account shows auto services, which is definitely not accurate. Definitely a scam.

  10. I ordered the raised garden bed, not received yet, if this is a fraudulent and they have my cc info then why did they only charge the purchase price and not more money than that? Shipping said I’d receive my purchase in 18 to 30 days. With this Coronavirus could the shipping take longer? All these posts are from April. I purchased in April too. I just don’t know what to think…..,

  11. I ordered patio furniture and no confirmation email or nothing. So I find is scam. So what I should do. They took my money. Anyone got the money back? How? Please help.

    1. Thank you for the email address, I just sent a request for an order update. I am far too patient, but we shall see what happens. If I hear back, I will update this comment. I have already reported this company to the FTC and the Internet Crime Complaint Center. How disappointing!

  12. i ordered a couch never got either going to see what happened to it they took money no product

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