Robinhood App Store Rating (Jan) Find Out Details Inside!

Robinhood App Store Rating 2021.

Robinhood App Store Rating (Jan) Find Out Details Inside! >> No commission brokerage app got review firing; the details are written here; please go through.

Robinhood App Store Rating – Hey! Everyone, we hope you all doing well. If you are into trading, investing, or finance marketing, you must be knowing Robinhood Stock App, which is popular in the United States and Canada. This is the first no commission stock brokerage app that made investment and trading comfortable and easy to understand.

Recently, it faced examination where it gained a one-star rating. Curious to know? Then please continue reading the article here because we have brought some crucial information to you.

About Robinhood App

Baiju Bhatt and Vladimir Tenev found it in the year 1995. Both of them are classmates; the story began when they shifted to the USA after their graduation. They came to know how people are being charged for every single trade. So decided to develop an app to give financial wealth and make trading fun and straightforward.

Whether you reside in the United States or Canada and how experienced you are in trading, this app is designed so that it makes your experience with the app a wonderful one. 

Robinhood App Store Rating

Recently, unhappy users of the Robinhood app organized a campaign where they decided to give a one-star rating to the app on Google play store and the app store, and they succeeded in the mission. Within few hours, the app gained a one-star rating with 275,000 reviews on Thursday.

Where earlier, it was a four-star rating of almost 180,000. But the app is safe on the app store because of no changes in ratings and reviews here. Still, 4.8 stars is showing on the app store. This is about Robinhood App Store Rating; let us know the reason behind thoughts bombing in the section below.

The Reason Behind It

Robinhood confirmed in a post that for various companies, including $AMC, $BBBY, $NAKD, $BB,

It would block buying, not selling transactions. This caught many users’ attention. They decided to put a campaign against the app to bring its rating to one-star; not only this but people also chose to call lawsuit against the Robinhood’s decision.

What are the Actions Taken?

Robinhood App Store Rating, to this particular incident, the team reacted the blocking purchase or transaction idea was a risk management decision and allowed limited buys on Friday. 

Google said the company doesn’t have permission to alter reviews by themselves and deleted almost 100,000 negative reviews and ratings in order to bring back the feedback to four-star.

Bottom Line

Although, Robinhood was not only the brokerage company to block or limit the purchase or trading with famous companies. Its popularity worldwide caught many users’ attention and fired negative ratings on Thursday and got a one-star rating.

We hope the article is helpful to you know details about the incident that took place recently. If you know anything about Robinhood App Store Rating, You can comment in the section below.

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