Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists (Jan)

Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists 2021

Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists (Jan 2021) -> You have to peruse our post to know what you can do if your username or account already exists on a mobile application. Let’s continue our exploration on this issue.

Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists: Are you redirected to our article while searching a solution for an account issue? You may be at the right place if your ROBINHOOD trading account already exists on the trading platform. Our article will sum up the causes of this error and how you can resolve it.

The issue described above is prevalent in the United States as the ROBINHOOD company is under inspection! Besides, the users are angry with the halted purchasing process and the recently released statement. You will know the essential details concerning the issue and ceased operations in our post. Kindly read it until the end.

Why is it showing “Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists”? 

Recently the ROBINHOOD company is under enquiry since a trading application announced that the stock purchasing operation is halted. It will take time for the company to rewind the purchasing process. Besides, the company has found a solution by limiting the stock numbers that the users can purchase. 

Why did the issue emerge?

Since a trading application announced that it would not accept AMC and GameStop shares, the users are in a panic state. Those users who have invested in the ROBINHOOD application are worried about their money and personal details. They are ranting their anger and dissatisfaction by writing negative reviews and lowering the overall star rating. 

Considering the impact of negative reviews, the company has limited the stock numbers on the portal. You will know more about the “Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists in the below section. 

What’s More?

The ROBINHOOD company has rewind the stock purchasing operation by limiting the stock numbers. It is inducing the users to come back on the platform and start stock trading. However, they are experiencing an error that states their account already exists on the platform. The error is flashing on your screen because it is under scrutiny and will take time to operate smoothly. 

Google is also reviewing the comment section to check if the company is deleting the user comments or not. A company is not authoritative to delete reviews. If ROBINHOOD is found deleting the comments, the company may face both Google and the users’ legal actions. 

Our Final Thoughts:

The “Robinhood Error Active Account Already Exists” will be live on the stock trading application for some time. You must understand that when a company or mobile application is under inspection, it faces technical issues. It is happening with the ROBINHOOD application as it has paused the stock purchasing option.

The company has already endured user’s backlash in the comment section. It is filled with lengthy and negative reviews that no one ever anticipated. Many users are also filing lawsuits against the application and company. Please share your experience or views with us in the comments!

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