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Robinhood Google Reviews (Jan) Know The Details

Robinhood Google Reviews (Jan) Know The Details -> Have you rated any mobile application one star? Now read our article and understand how your rating can affect a company or application developer!

Robinhood Google Reviews: Are you here after reading news articles about the trading app? We are here dissecting the details for you to get the truth upfront. Online trading and exchanges are challenging when you are new to this portal. We will also guide how you can start trading and get a high return on investment (ROI).

The United States is shocked with the overall rating of a famous trading mobile application. Earlier, it had 4.7 stars ratings but not it has dropped to one. You will learn the details in our post. Please continue reading it to know more!

What are Robinhood Google Reviews?

ROBINHOOD GOOGLE is a mobile application that allows you to trade and exchange shares while sitting at home. It is a secure platform that has never scammed anyone until now. Recently a stock trading mobile application notified the users that the stock purchase is blocked until further notice. It upset the users, and they are using REVIEWS to rant their anger. 

What’s more?

Google is also equally shocked like us since the ROBINHOOD company is deleting the negative reviews. It will help the company to retain its goodwill and positive impact on potential users. The anger is not stopping at the Robinhood Google Reviews. Many users are filing lawsuits against the company for numerous reasons. 

What is reality?

ROBINHOOD company has launched a mobile application that allows the users to purchase stock shares and resell them whenever they profit. On Thursday, a stock trading application released a statement that it is blocking the stock purchase of AMC, GameStop, etc. It led the users to delete their ROBINHOOD account and switch to other trading applications. 

Aftermath, the company halted the stock purchase for some days. It is giving perception to the users that the ROBINHOOD is a scam. Many negative Robinhood Google Reviews are deleted from the GOOGLEPLAY and APPLESTORE to retain the goodwill. However, it is not going well with the users. 

Know More:

The VERGE contacted google and ROBINHOOD company. Google is stating that a company cannot remove negative reviews as it is illegal to do. However, the company says that it uses artificial intelligence alongside human intelligence to sort out the reviews or comments. Overall, the app is seeing a downgraded fall alike TIKTOK and similar apps. 

Our Final Thoughts:

When a company removes negative reviews from the website or other places, it negatively chills down the spine. A similar incident has taken place with Robinhood Google Reviews that is giving significant suspicion to the users. The reviews are merely crushed anger of the ROBINHOOD users since the company halted the stock purchases. The company is under inspection by GOOGLE for many reasons. You may have to wait for a final verdict on this incident. Please share your thoughts with us!

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