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Robot Hot Pot Edmonton {July} Get The Complete Details!>> This article gives you the details about a restaurant with different serving and greeting patterns and a unique way of food preparations.

Do you know about a restaurant that serves through a robot? How does this work? How will this have a positive impact from the viewpoint of COVID 19 guidelines?

These days, people look out for places that follow all the proper guidelines for COVID 19 and have appropriate security measures for the same. Robot Hot Pot Edmonton is one of the kinds of restaurants in Calgary, Canada. 

Read this article to get details of this Restaurant and how this help cover the corona guidelines.

Details about the Restaurant:

The Restaurant had its opening in September 2020. This thus has its specialisation in traditional Chinese Cuisine. Along with this, it also has a twist in terms of technology to attract customers.

The twist says that the Restaurant has a robot that greets customers at their entrances. Not only this, but a robot also serves the food at the Restaurant to the guests.

Where are the robots from in Robot Hot Pot Edmonton?

People have marked this as a cool concept and are visiting the place to experience the same. This is also a very appealing approach as per the pandemic guidelines.

Being a Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, the robot of the same are also bought from China. But they were purchased before the pandemic. This has also reduced the staffing costs for the Restaurant.

The robot thus does not only deliver the food. Instead, it can also take orders from the guests or customers and have conversations with them. Therefore, they are the perfect replacements for manual waiters.

Traditional Cooking Details of the Restaurant:

Robot Hot Pot Edmonton prepares its food in clay pots. This is thus the traditional cooking way in South China and other parts of Asia too. It is even a popular cooking method for street vendors too.

The dishes at the Restaurant are layered with multiple layers—a crispy layer with rice bottom and various toppings to the Canadian palette.

How will this help for the Pandemic Guidelines?

Pandemic has imposed the guidelines for social distancing and has given Restaurant’s permissions to operate only with a significant number of proper or capacities.

Robot Hot Pot Edmonton has come up with the best utilisation techniques.

Thus, robots are the perfect add ons to the same, where there will be fewer manual staff and the workings of the same will be carried out within the guidelines.

Final Verdict:

All the details of the Restaurant are thus revealed in this article. If you are looking out for fewer manual interactions, you can visit the site for new experiences and food.

Also, Robot Hot Pot Edmonton has mentioned their traditional cooking way, how robots assist in their workings, and how their food is different from the others.

If you want to know more about the traditional cooking pattern and Chinese Cuisine, then have a look at the link attached below:

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