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Roselypink Reviews {April} Know It All Before Shopping

Roselypink Reviews {April} Know It All Before Shopping >> In this article, you will get to know if this online fashion store is legit or scam.

Is online shopping a curse or boon? It is either one of them. It just depends upon the legitimacy and the excellent services of a website.

People are so used to online shopping nowadays that they have even started buying groceries online. Shopping online for women has become so common nowadays. Women in every second home believe in shopping online instead of going to the markets and malls. But before buying with any online store, it is necessary to be sure about it.

One such online fashion store is Roselypink, which is operating in United State. They are the global online store which delivers fashion products. Roselypink Reviews say that the site has gained customer appreciation for the quality products they provide. The number of customers who acknowledged this website increased rapidly in a concise span.

If you’re looking for good quality outfits as a woman or in another case for your woman, Roselypink is the website you’ve been longing to surf. With their great variety of products, you won’t feel the need to surf another site.

But before you step forward to place an order on this website, we would recommend you to read further to find out is rosely pink a legit site or are they merely scamming their customers.

What is Roselypink?

An internationally leading fashion clothing store, roselypink.com focuses majorly on the trending and latest fashion style of clothing for womenRoselypink Reviews express that thousands of chic products are available on the website from all over the world to grant the top choices to their valued customers. 

Their vision is to provide a platform to the people for online shopping and engage them in buying and selling online. They intend to deliver the same high-quality products to all their customers throughout the world. This website is open to a shopper as well as a retailer who wants to get hold of the latest fashion products with affordable prices and light-speed service.

Roselypink is trending in United Statealthough its goal is “to be able to serve everyone worldwide.”

Still, there is a question that again muddles up a lot of people: “is rosely pink a legit site?

Keep reading to know the answer to the above question.


  • Website type: Online fashion Clothing Store
  • Shipping time: 1-7 days
  • Delivery time: 10-15 days
  • Exchange: Not applicable 
  • Return: Not acceptable (if damaged, within 15 calendar days)
  • Shipping cost: $5.99 chargeable below orders totaling $60
  • Cancellation: Applicable if not shipped
  • Company address: Room 401, No.1, Building 5, Changchun District 3, Futian Street, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China
  • Email address: support@roselypink.zendesk.com

Mode of payment: PayPal

Who is it for?

Roselypink is the website not just for women individually but also for the business wholesalers and store owners who want to give their business a leading edge. This website renders high-quality products at low prices with free shipping. 

Before digging deep into their products and engaging with them, it is essential to know what could be their detriments besides their benefits.


  • Quick shipping worldwide is provided
  • Free shipping throughout the world
  • High quality latest fashion products
  • A fast and simple process of purchasing online
  • Trusted and secured payment facilities
  • Quick customer services provided
  • Excellent reviews from the customers
  • Secure and safe website
  • Secures a place in global traffic rank in the world
  • They have a pre-order facility for buyers.


  • Do not accept exchange or returns.
  • Only one method of payment is available.

What are the reviews?

The customer reviews reveal that the site delivers high-quality products and is safe and secure. The buyers won’t stop extolling about the products they have purchased.

Those who were not satisfied with the products they received got the top-notch customer service from the company. However, the primary issue faced by the customers was the mode of payment. There’s only one mode i.e., PayPal, to make payment, which is not convenient for everyone out there.


Speaking of the legitimacy of the website, the customers give a boost to it with their positive reviews online. Happy customers mean good and safe business. Roselypink does not practice scam in the market, and hence we highly recommend it.

Why miss an amazing shopping site that offers great discounts?

In case you are planning to add any chic products to your wardrobe or your retail or wholesale store from this website, do share your experience in the comments section below.

0 thoughts on “Roselypink Reviews {April} Know It All Before Shopping

  1. The not accepting returns when the fit is not right is not clear on their website. I spent $53 and the items were huge not even close to a size small and they offered me $15 back to keep the items, then when I fought back they offered me $20 total and said I could pay for shipping to ship the items back…… I’m taking the loss on this one because I’m tired of dealing with them. If you’re going to be a company in the “US” don’t outsource your customer service to China.

  2. It is a scam. Gave me a fake tracking number. Also this website is run BY ROSELY PINK ITSELF.

  3. Still waiting and it’s been a month. No response to my email sent to their service dept. SCAM!!!

  4. SCAM!!!!!!! Ordered two bathing suits! Have heard nothing back with no updates on my order!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT ORDER

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